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The GIS Companies make it to Top 100

Three companies engaged in GIS/CAD/CAM activities have made it to the top 100 Indian IT companies, according to the annual survey of the Indian Infotech industries conducted by Computers Toady, New Delhi.

Rolta India Ltd. Mumbai, ranked at position 21, is one of he oldest players in the GIS/CAD/CAM market in India. It is a manufacturing partner for Intergraph’s GIS/CAD/CAM products. It recently bagged a prestigious Rs. 25 crore Defence Ministry contract to supply six dedicated interactive graphic workstations and Intergraph ImageStations for digital photogrammetry.

Intergraph (India) (India) Pvt. Ltd., Hyderabad, the wholly owned subsidiary of US-based Intergraph Corporation has secured the 78th position in this survey. Intergraph is a major developer of graphics software. It focuses on GIS/CAD/CAM/CAE in the fields of mechanical engineering, architecture, networking, etc.

Software development activities of Intergraph take place at STP, Hyderabad, which is connected to the US headquarters through a 64 Kbps link.

Third company to make its mark in this list is the Infotech enterprises Ltd., Hyderabad, which develops software products and provides software services in GIS/CAD/CAM/CAE to the global market. The company has core competency in the area of CAD/GIS conversion. It generated revenues worth 6.77 crore. It recently extended it software development efforts Internet/Intranet applications, which fetched Rs. 38 lakh from the domestic market. Now, it is expanding its area of operation into engineering consultancy, 3D modeling, business software solutions and Y2K (Year 2000 conversion)