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The Galileo Test Range

G. Lancia
[email protected]

Marco Manca
Head of R&D, Telespazio S.P.A
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Eng. Filippo Rodriguez
Program Manager, Telespazio S.P.A
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Franco Gottifredi

The Galileo Test Range (GTR) project is an initiative of Regione Lazio in the frame of its support to technical research and innovation in satellite navigation. It is born with the scope of supporting the following high level missions:

  • Characterization of the Galileo signal: the GTR aims to support the activity of analysing the performance of the Galileo navigation system, through the analysis of signal measurements in an environment suitably characterized and controlled. For this purpose, the GTR shall be able to gather raw navigation data within an experimental area and to process them in its analysis laboratories. Such objective is limited, as far as Phase A is concerned, to the characterization of the signal GTSB-V2, as it is propedeutical to the final scope of characterizing the Galileo signal, this latter assigned to the Final Phase of the Programme. This Centre will support the certification of the Galileo receivers the GTR must represent a suitable Test Bed for Galileo terminals, besides the GPS and EGNOS, placing the own navigation infrastructures and all the necessary hardware and software support instruments at disposal.
  • Realization and Distribution of Services: The GTR, with the know-how and the experience gathered in the first operative phase of the project, must be set as a base for the realization of the Services to be distributed to the end users both public bodies, companies and privates. The support for the certification of applications, at a system level and at user terminal level, the possibility of providing universities and research centres with laboratories and testing areas, the continous monitoring of the Galileo constellation are the basis of the GTR offer. Moreover the GTR aims to support the definition and the development of new High-Tech applications in the various user domains, for the utilization of the services offered by Galileo once operative.

The development of the GTR is foreseen in three phases, in order to match the capabilities of the system with the development plan of Galileo:

  • Phase A = Definition and Start up: implementation of the initial system, based on the generation on ground of navigation signals (GPS-like) using pseudolite technology and based on the analysis and use of signals in space coming from GPS and EGNOS.
  • Phase B1 = Preparation to the development and deployment of Galileo system: implementation of the GTR in a configuration able to generate Galileo-like signals with ground equipment and to receive real signals coming from GSTB V2.
  • Phase B2 = Full deployment and initialisation of the GTR: implementation of the GTR final configuration, not only able to generate Galileo–like signals, but also to receive and process real signals coming from Galileo IOV satellites.

The Phase A of the project started on July 2005.
The project is coordinated by a Consortium Agreement (C.A) composed by Telespazio, Alactel Alenia Space Italia and Finmeccanica under the supervisory of FILAS S.p.A. the regional Financial Investment Agency dedicated to the support of innovation.

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