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The China Geology Information Infrastructure

Yongjie Tan
Chief Geoscientist office
China Geological Survey China
[email protected]

Qihirag , Zhijun Han

In order to enhance the international cooperation and coordination, to meet increasing needs of the public on geoscience knowledge and information, and to promote the sustainable development of the national economy and society, China Geological Survey (CGS) has always pay much attention to the geological survey informationization construction. The main line of the geological survey informationization is the informationization of whole procedure of the geological survey including project application, designing, implement, data processing and providing the geoscience information to the public; The construction of information standardization, basic network, technological development and project management system make up of its technological support; The construction of national basic geoscience database is the data support. In order to realize the modernization of the geological survey, CGS also dedicate to improving the quality, efficiency as well as the level of projects and provide the better service to the public. Since the establishment of China Geological Survey, it has attached importance to the construction of China geological survey informationization. CGS set up a special department for the special digital land engineering, which speed up the construction of basic geoscience database, accumulate the basic facilities of China geological survey informationization and promote the geological survey informationization.

Throughout their long-term hard working, CGS made great achievements on the construction of digital information system, informationization standard and basic geoscience database as well as backbone network of geological survey. Further more, they provide service to the society on providing the geological survey information. However, they know that they need to keep working for the modernization of geological survey. In terms of existing problems, they made the general plan of geological survey informationization. In the first place, they will finish geological database construction as soon as possible. On such a base, they will strength the processing of data, promote public service, enhance the base of data standard and network system, implement data acquisition and processing, and develop the digital integration and output to speed up the realization of geological survey informationization in different majors.

From now on, national basic geological database construction will be regarded as the core. CGS will perfect the geological survey informationization standard construction, promote the basic geoscience database steadily, and complete the geological survey backbone network system and provide better public service for the early realization of geological survey informationization.