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The importance of spatial planning is being recognised worldwide. GIS, with its ability to integrate various levels of data from many fields is acting as a bridge between various professional disciplines. Development agencies worldwide are developing concepts, tools and techniques to incorporate GIS into their work. Thus a rich and interesting literature is emerging from which a lot can be learnt and directly implemented in the development programmes.

It is known that Middle East has a large and skilled pool of professionals that has over the years spearheaded an outstanding economic and human development for the region. With an encouraging development setting, adequate and latest infrastructure and growing investments, the region is geared to be the next destination for knowledge economy and technical leadership. There is a renewed focus in the region for geospatial information and its applications.

In this encouraging scenario there is an urgent need of a regional platform on which the GIS professionals could communicate with each other and thereafter initiate a dialogue among themselves to promote greater activity and development of policies in the area of geospatial sciences. To provide this platform to the vast community of GIS professionals and end users of the Middle East, we bring you a bi-monthly magazine – [email protected] Middle East. We hope this magazine reaches out to both GIS specialists and professionals in the field of environment, energy, utility planning and social sciences. [email protected] Middle East will provide detailed analysis of Geographic Information Systems and related tools and along with it introduce such techniques within the strong framework of developmental applications.

We call all professionals in the region and beyond, to use this platform to share their expertise with contributions and suggestions.

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