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Terraserver: 2m Imagery on the web

Terraserver-a joint project between Aerial Images Inc., Compaq, Kodak, Microsoft, US Geological Survey along with Sovinformsputnik, is providing the only 2 meter imagery commercially available and is the highest resolution imagery in the market. It is the world’s largest Web database and global atlas at Error! Reference source not found.. The site called Terraserver hosts over two terabytes of compressed aerial and satellite photos of our planet.

On the Terraserver entire scenes (not just thumbnails) are available for viewing. On this site, you are allowed to browse at your leisure, over 2 million sq km of the SPIN-2 imagery, at no charge. You can find your house or business, or just sightsee. In addition, imagery can be purchased and downloaded (in .tiff or .jpeg format) for personal or business use on yur own PC. Photographic quality Kodak prints of purchased imagery, can also be ordered on-line.

SPIN-2 provided high-resolution satellite images, products of a joint Russians/American ventureto market declassified satellite photographs from sophisticated Russian mapping satellites. Aerial Images Inc. and Sovinformsputnik, a branch of the Russian space agency (RKA), launched an imaging satellitefrom Baikonur, Kazakhstanin February 1998. The satellite, which has touched down back at the Baikonur Cosmodrome, circled the earth for 45 days taking detailed images of the Southeast United States and major population centres around the world. The first of aunique four-part mission to collect detailed SPIN 2 images of the world has concluded. The image return via the satellite 2-meter resolution, th emost detailed satellite imagery ever made available for commercial and consumer use.

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) provided georectified deigitised aerial photographs (known as digital orthophotoquads) from their vast files.

The data Products
SPIN-2 imagery products are derived from the camera systems on Russian Cosmos spacecraft. The orbiting satellites carry two cameras, allowing for th eproduction of both 2 meter an 10 meter imagery.

2 Meter Panchromatic Products
The two meter imagery is produced by the KVR 1000 camera system. This camera provide large area coverage in a single frame or scene. The individual scenes cover a usable area of 40 KM by 160 KM. The resolution is 2 meters, which means one can classify (identify) an object 2 meters or bigger. The pixel size is 1.56 meters. The spacial accuracy is 10 meters (RMS). With GPS ground control the accuracy can be increased to 3-4 meters (RMS).

10 Meter Panchromatic Products
The ten-meter imagery is produced by the TK-350 camera system. This camera provides very wide area coverage in a single frame or scene. An area of 200 KM by 300 KM is covered in each frame. The resolution is 10 meters, which allows a person to classify (identify) an object 10 meters or bigger. The spacial accuracy is 20-25 meters (RMS). With GPS groud control the accuracy can be improved to 7-10 meters (RMS). Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) can be produced from the TK-350 because of the 80% overlap of each frame.