Tainan, Taiwan: Towards improved decision making

Tainan, Taiwan: Towards improved decision making


Tainan’s GIS combines spatial technology and 3D, besides using real-time geodata

Tainan, Taiwan”s most culturally diverse city developed a multi-objective cadastral GIS in 1993. The system was upgraded from 2D to 3D three years ago using PilotGaea Universe platform. It combined spatial technology and 3D, besides using real-time geodata to improve decision making.

Tainan City’s 3D GIS has been divided into professional edition and public edition. PilotGaea Scene-Producer was applied as photo-realistic 3D GIS modeling tool while PilotGaea Universe was applied as Web-based 3D GIS server to transmit the geoinformation and the city models. The system provides users with benefits such as the ability to query the geolocation, buffer analysis, view and query the plane map of buildings, label the specific data by linking lands information system for land and building diagram membership information, query each land and 3D building information and then output the query information into the report. There are also plans to get close with the Android industry survey system to return data, and then render the survey results with real-time images and elevation data in 3D. Apart from geolocation query, several major GIS spatial analysis applications like buffer zone, shadow, viewshed, terrain profile, flooding potential have also been added.

The information provided in the public version is based on land-development information. It allows users to understand functions such as query geolocation, land development projects (urban land consolidation, zone expropriation) and public land auction of its surrounding real environment. These functions will not only help the general public to query the information from the comfort of their home, but also improve public understanding of the municipal building.

Owing to the rapidly increasing municipal demands, the new mayor in Tainan declared ten new policies related to governance. For the software part, there are plans to expand 3D GIS application systems from land bureau to other departments. The focus of future applications includes a 3D underground pipeline system, emergency disaster preparedness, response centre system, urban marketing and using geodata to construct a real city street view to provide the public with real action before they travel to Tainan.