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Survey Department is playing a key role in NGII, Nepal

Babu Ram Acharya

Babu Ram Acharya
Director General, Survey Department
his majesty’s government, nepal
Email: [email protected]

What are the main activities of your organisation?
The main activities of Survey Department are as follows:

  • Establishment of national network of control points through out the country
  • Preparation of cadastral and land records
  • Preparation of National Topographic Data base
  • Preparation of topographic base maps and other thematic maps and atlases
  • Coordination of surveying, mapping and GIS activities in Nepal and representation in international professional forum as the National Surveying and Mapping Agency of Nepal
  • Technical support for International Boundary Survey
  • Play lead role in the National Geographic Information Infrastructure (NGII)in Nepal

What are the main products of Survey Department?
The products of the department are as follows:

  • The three dimensional coordinate of the control points
  • Topographical maps at different scales
  • Cadastral plans and the related data and information
  • Aerial photographs and the related products
  • Administrative and land resources maps at different scales
  • Cadastral and topographic fundamental spatial data sets at different resolution
  • Orthophoto maps and database at different resolution

To what extent the products are accessible and available to common users?

  • All Non-classified available products mentioned above are accessible and available for common use.
  • Printed maps are available for purchase from the map sales. For digital data, users should apply to the Department.

How you are managing to meet the challenges of fast changing technology and users needs? Especially in this digital era and large scale mapping requirements?

  • Standards and Policy guidelines for digital mapping and GIS is under progress through a leading and co-ordinating role in NGII in Nepal undertaken by Survey Department.
  • Production and dissemination of digital vector database at different resolution are under progress
  • Producing large resolution orthophoto maps and data for all urban and semiurban areas under progress
  • Meta data clearing house service under planning
  • Adoption of changing technology according to users needs

When government funds are getting reduced, what mechanism and activities you are evolving to generate funds to make yourself financially independent and sustainable?

International bilateral/multilateral support, Co-operation with local bodies and with user organisation had been adopted for implementation till now.

What initiatives have been taken in capacity building of the organization?

In Human Resource Development, pre service training, overseas short/long term training and on-the-job training have been done. In physical infrastructure development, the key moves were Government funding, international co-operation and participation in modern technology projects. Initiatives in Technology Transfer included inclusion of Technology Transfer indicators, and in house and abroad training.

How the organization is positioned when private sector is set to play a major role? Is it going to compete with private sector or is it evolving public private partnership model?

The following policies have been and are being developed – public-private partnership model, evolving as a facilitator to the private sector, policy for providing specialized services and resources to the public private sector and policy for working together with licensed surveyors.