‘Skeldar UAS is an eye in the sky’

‘Skeldar UAS is an eye in the sky’


There are only a few companies in the world with the ability to develop, integrate and maintain complete aircraft systems.

Hans Berglund
Hans Berglund
Director Marketing – UAS, Saab AB
(Aeronautics Division)

What is the current focus of Saab in the fi eld of Unmanned Air System (UAS) development?
There are only a few companies in the world with the ability to develop, integrate and maintain complete aircraft systems. Saab is one of them. Today, our experience is being harnessed in the development of the world’s most advanced multi-role fi ghter, Gripen, the Saab 340/2000 ERIEYE long-range AEW&C system and a range of fully autonomous and mobile unmanned systems. Unmanned Aerial Systems is one of Saab’s focus areas today and for the future. Our fi rst product in the unmanned aerial segment, available in the market today, is the VTOL UAS Skeldar. Besides Skeldar, Saab is partner in Neuron, the European UCAV technological demonstrator, combining stealth and autonomous capabilities in a full-scale vehicle. In MidCAS, Saab is leading a European consortium to demonstrate a sense and avoid system that will be central to enabling unmanned aerial vehicles to enter regular airspace.

Q. Can you tell us about the Skeldar UAS? How does it work?
Skeldar is a new generation, fully autonomous and mobile, shortto- medium range VTOL UAS. It is suitable for a wide range of sensor applications to perform missions such as reconnaissance, surveillance and identifi cation. It is available for land, maritime as well as for civil applications. The Skeldar UAS fl y automatic/ autonomous on a preprogrammed mission but can, if required, be controlled from the ground control station with high level commands. The control station has an easy to use man-machine interface and is designed for easy integration with other hardware platforms or C2 systems. During missions, the Skeldar platform receives and transmits relevant data in real-time via a secured data-link.

Q. Can you tell us about Skeldar UAS land operations?
Skeldar UAS enhances the capabilities of land forces, improving situational awareness without endangering troops. The Skeldar platform combines short deployment and turnaround time with mobility and modular design. This enables the ability to easily ready, transport and deliver the system to where it is needed quickly and effi ciently. By being the primary system for surveillance, reconnaissance and target acquisition, it becomes the tactical commander’s dominant eye.

Q. How is Skeldar UAS different from other systems available in the market?
The Skeldar UAS is fully autonomous and represents a new generation of UAS. One important element is that Skeldar is designed to meet future rules and regulations for clearance in civil airspace.

Q. The UAS comes with point-and-fl y and pointand- see capabilities. Would you like to explain to our readers about these capabilities?
The point-and-fl y or point-and see principle means that the operator can simply indicate a destination or a surveillance target on the display/map in the ground control station and the Skeldar UAS will autonomously carry out the task.

Q. What military roles are your UAS most suited for?
Skeldar UAS is a tactical UAS suitable for missions such as surveillance, reconnaissance, identifi cation, electronic warfare as well as target acquisition. It is an eye in the sky.