Site Suitability Analysis using GIS for Coimbatore City

Site Suitability Analysis using GIS for Coimbatore City


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Urbanisation is a continuous process and it is important to identify suitable areas for future development. Coimbatore city is already developed and it is important to find suitable areas for future development. The present population is exceeding the projected population. Base map was obtained from Coimbatore corporation and scanned and saved it as JPEG image. Various layers have been digitized using AutoCAD from base map. The layers have been brought into Arc View and saved as shape files. Landuse planning map, property value map, crime zone map, road accessibility map, school zone maps have been prepared and attribute data have been added wherever relevant. Suitable scale value has been give to various themes and Arithmetic overlay in Model Builder has been used to develop a model. The model has been run and suitable areas for urban development has been identified.

Key words: . INTRODUCTION In India, unplanned urban development, population explosion and migration of people to urban area lead to shortage of infrastructure facility and utilities to meet the requirement of the people. Also the rapid industrialization and growth in Information technology has led to find new suitable sites for urban development. Coimbatore popularly known as “Manchester of South India” is situated in the western part of Tamilnadu state. Due to its pleasant climate and presence of infrastructure facilities, many IT related companies have chosen the city to set up their centers. In this context it is very important to find suitable areas for urban development.

About the City
Coimbatore city is the district headquarters, where Coimbatore local planning (LPA) area covers the Coimbatore Corporation, Kurichi New town, parts of Palladam taluk, Coimbatore taluk, Avinashi taluk, and Mettupalayam taluk.

Coimbatore is well known for textile industries and has excellent potential for industrial growth. Also Coimbatore is famous for automobile spare parts, motors, pumps, and foundries. Because of its proximity to Western Ghats, Coimbatore enjoys an excellent climate throughout the year. Coimbatore city was constituted as a Municipality in November 1866, with a Population of 24000, covering an extent of 10.88 sq. km. Coimbatore city’s status has since been elevated as Municipal Corporation from 1981. The study area is lying between 760 81’ N to 770 23’ N and 100 83’ E to 110 25’ E.

The population of Coimbatore corporation as per 1991 census is 8.16 lakhs. During 1911, the population was 0.47 lakhs and it increased to 8.16 lakhs during 1991. Table 1 shows the population growth between 1911 and 1991. This population growth is shown in Fig.1

Table 1 Population Growth in Coimbatore Corporation

Based on this data, the projected population of Coimbatore corporation in 2006 is only 11.5 lakhs. but now itself the current population is 13 lakhs+1.5 lakhs /day Floating population, which shows the immediate need for urban planning and development of Coimbatore LPA

To overcome the undesirable urban growth in Coimbatore LPA ,a study has been made to identify new suitable areas for future urban development and presented in this paper.

FIG 1. Population growth in Coimbatore corporation