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Shilpi Chakravarty, Assistant Editor

Shilpi Chakravarty
Assistant Editor

Media & Public Relations dept
Geospatial Media & Communications

With a balanced mind and cheerful disposition, Shilpi tries to identify positivity in any environment. Words have a fascination for her and it shows in her write-ups.

Shilpi has worked extensively with leading national newspapers and has gained substantial experience in online content writing/content creation. She has the ability to multi-task in a dynamic, high-pressure, deadline-driven and a result-oriented environment. When not working, Shilpi loves to travel and try her hands in cooking varied cuisines.


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Former Assistant Editor | Dreamer | Writer | Avid Reader | Travel Enthusiast | Go Digital | Meenal’s role largely involves content development for Geospatial World website and magazine. Meenal loves to write – be it technology, or applications, or commenting on industry trends. Keeping an eye social media for latest developments in the geospatial domain, churning out value from it and then taking it to the readers is her success formula. She has prior experience of eight years in BTL advertising and publication. A master’s degree in English Literature, Meenal is a complete movie buff and loves to spend her leisure time reading children’s literature.