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Seminar and Workshop on SARscape and ENVISAT Technology

European Space Agency (ESA) and GIS Institute, NOIDA, jointly organized a two-day seminar cum workshop (20-21st Nov) on SARscape and ENVISAT Technology. ENVISAT is a program of the ESA.

Mr Paolo Paquali, Technical Director and Dr Maasimo Barbieri, EO Application engineerSARmap
ESA is a group of 15 countries working together to open a new pathway in space exploration, developing advance technology and building a competitive industry. Observations of the Earth using SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) of the Earth Resources Satellite (ERS) launched by European Space Agency, is an advanced and new technology having a wide range of practical applications to map and monitor the use of the land.

In order to increase awareness in the field of earth observation and in particular Radar (SAR), in view of creating awareness of the ENVISAT data, the workshop and a seminar was organized in India. This seminar was aimed at decision makers from organizations with a need for up to date and reliable geographically referenced information. The aim of the workshop was to demonstrate how the state of the art operational information could be generated from radar (SAR) data. Attendees used SARscape, a powerful image processing software developed by SARmap, to get hands on experience in generating land mapping products from SAR data. Practical case studies were used for demonstration purpose.

The seminar started with an introduction of the participants comprising more than 30 decision makers and technical experts from various government, private sector, industries and NGO. Dr. Maasimo Barbieri, EO Application engineer, SARmap, presented the basic part of the SARscape software for the analysis of radar images. And Mr Paolo Paquali, Technical Director, SARmap, presented SARscape module useful for interferometric process. They have presented some case studies on crop monitoring in particular rice, ground deformation particularly land subsidence activity, DEM generation using both optical and SAR data.

On the day of Workshop, Dr. P.K. Champaty Ray, scientist, IIRS, presented his work done in the SARmap Swiss premises on land slide monitoring through SARinterferometery. Mr. Vinod M. Bothale, scientist, RRSSC, Jodhpur has demonstrated the application of SAR airborne data processing. This was followed by hands on training on SARscape by the participants. Dr. Maasimo Barbieri presented demo for data processing and the generation of DEM in the SARscape software. The participants took keen interest in learning this software and were enthusiastic about applying it for their area of interest. The workshop ended with the distribution of evaluation copies of SARscape software to the participants.

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