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SANJAY – mind your way! Delhi gets satellite navigation

I.B. Saxena
Chairman, Design Lab, Noida

Welcome to the amazing world of SANJAY!

Something … up there is about to help you drive. And it is not heavenly!

SANJAY’S Hardware lets you take advantage of the Global Positioning System (GPS) to locate you reliably on the globe, provide constant visual feedback regarding your position on Sanjay’s mapping software programs, trace your travel, and monitor your speed, direction and elevation. This equipment is easy to use and lets you work with GPS integrated mapping environment. The maps used in SANJAY – GPS based vehicle tracking system belong to Eicher Goodearth Ltd.

We encourage you to explore and experiment with Sanjay. Just riding around your neighborhood can be fun and educational as you see it mapped out on your screen.

Mobility is the key to today’s productivity. The SANJAY-GPS is aimed at mobile professionals, and almost any one who needs to travel a lot in and around Delhi. It allows its users to search for places listed under different categories, like hotels, restaurants, cinema halls, major commercial buildings etc. There will be savings in time and costs in terms of effort taken to search for a location. It is a handy and professional solution and location information is easily accessible while on the go.

Using Sanjay’s GPS System
Sanjay’s mapping software allows you take advantage of the Global Positioning system through an interface with Garmin GPS receiver. Connected to SANJAY and a laptop computer, you can use EICHER City maps to track your progress as you travel and to indicate your next turn or stop

Note: EICHER City maps cover the entire area of Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon. If you use these products with SANJAY outside these prescribed areas (e.g., Chandigarh, Faridabad), map data will not appear on your screen.

Safety warning:
Bring a passenger along to serve as GPS operators while you are driving a vehicle. Sanjay software should not be used in automatic navigation or guidance systems or for any purpose requiring precise measurement of distance or direction.

More Detail

  1. Tracking:
    Sanjay-GPS remote tracking systems uses satellite to track the position of your vehicle by using a GPS receiver fixed in your vehicle. You may be in any part of the city, the system will tell you your exact coordinates and the exact place where you are.

    The accuracy of the GPS remote tracking system is 20 to 00 metres. Using a differential GPS the accuracy can be increased up to 5 metres but DGPS signals are not available at this point of time due to national security reasons. The system is equipped to upgrade to DGPS when and if the government allows it. Our proprietary mapping software, then displays the location of your vehicle on the basis of the data received on detailed Eicher Maps. Apart from giving the exact position of your vehicle, Sanjay also gives information if the vehicle crosses its destination point.

  2. Outing Wizard:
  3. This facility of Sanjay allows the user to select a wide range of categories like movie theatres, restaurants, hotels etc from a long list of items. Wherever you are in the city you can find out which movies are playing and what restaurants are there in your vicinity. You can select a radius of 100 metres to 10 Kilometers. It tells you everything you need to know about the areas that you cross while driving. So it always keep you informed about the entertainment avenues around you. And to top it all, all this information can be updated on a daily basis. The amazing feature of this is that you can plan your day in advance, with an option of choosing the price range you are looking for. All this while on the move. The outing wizard makes your leisure time much more fun because you are well informed about the latest happenings in town.

  4. Voice:
    Amazing though it may sound, Sanjay-lap & Sanjay-retro can actually talk to you as you drive through the city. You can also make your routes in advance and then get voice directions as you move through the city. The voice feature also keeps on telling you of the speed of the car so that you don’t over speed and you and your family can have a great time with your companion – SANJAY. The voice navigation software is developed using Acu Voice, which is used by fortune 500 companies. You will now be able to get information regarding the directions in a pleasant and friendly voice. The voice navigation also tells you your distance from a specified place.
  5. Distance:
    This feature allows you to calculate the crow fly distance between two points. You may be in any part of the city, it allows you to know your distance from a specified location or the distance between any locations of your choice. This information could be immense help to you because knowing the distances you can calculate the time you will require to reach for your important meetings and manage things according to it.
  6. Search:
    One of the very important features of SANJAY is that you may be anywhere in the city but you can look for various places and area you may want to visit. For example you are in Punjabi Bagh and you want to look for a movie theatre, say PVR-ANUPAM. The search facility will tell all the movies that are playing in that particular theatre and their timings. So it makes it easier for you to plan things out in advance. The search facility also tells you about various other locations such as banks, travel agencies, hotels, restaurants, colonies and reservation offices etc. Another example of search so that it is better understood would be that suppose that after office you first want to get some railway reservation done from the Sarojini Nagar office and then have a plan to watch a movie at Chanakya theatre. After the movie you feel like having some specialty food of your choice. Now our amazing facility will tell you your distance from your various destinations, the movies playing at the theatre, the cast of the movie and even the rating of that particular movie. Then you can also choose from a list of specialty restaurants with the areas they are situated in and even the price range you are looking for. So you can watch your movie with a free mind knowing that Sanjay will do the thinking for you to choose the restaurant in your budget and even the directions. So remember the times when you wasted precious amount of time and fuel looking for places? Well those days are gone and happy days are here because you always have a companion- SANJAY.
  7. Set Vector:

  8. Just with a click of a button you can set a straight line between two places along with the distance between the two. This helps you in judging a general direction to take in reaching your destination…SANJAY will immediately tell you that you have crossed your destination. It also keeps on telling you by voice command the general direction you are moving in like north, east, south or west.

  9. Logging:

  10. All the routes you take quite often can be recorded, and logged in the memory of SANJAY so that you don’t have to plot you route again and again. This could also be helpful in explaining to somebody, which route to take if he is having trouble findings his way. Suppose you want to tell a friend which route you took to a particular place you can immediately flash it on the screen because visual understanding is always better than hearing the directions. If he or she forgets a left or a right turn they’ve had it! So you can record trips and saves them for a rainy day…