RS Data Application and Efficiency on Landform Maps Production : A Case...

RS Data Application and Efficiency on Landform Maps Production : A Case Study of SEMNAN Province of Iran


Fatemeh Molla mehr alizadeh
Iran Space Agency (ISA)
Email: [email protected]

Mahdi Jannati , Siavosh Shayan

Landform maps show the earth’s surface phenomena and nature of processes that has been working to produce them. These maps are valuable in spatial planning, agricultural purposes, environmental conservations and forecasts and preventation of natural hazards.

The study area is a vast province of Iran with different physiographical conditions from mountainous areas to playas and desert landscapes. Because of difficulties for deep field surveys and time limitation, the investigating of the region, have been done by RS data and some geomorphologic sampling. So, RS data with high spectral characteristics such as LANDSAT have been used and have been fusion it by high spatial resolution such as IRS-PAN in ER-MAPPER 6.3 for analysis and enhancement for classification of geomorphologic features of the study area. Therefore, the region classified to 27 classes in ARC/VIEW 3.2a.Then, the results have been loaded in Arc Info7.2.1, in order to generate a GIS-ready system. Also, DEM of the region produced by using topographic maps for further studies .Produced landform map can be used for many environmental plans and shows reasonable adaptation by real world.