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Rolta GeoCAD Emergency Response Management


Rolta GeoCAD: A Solution for Effective and Efficient Emergency Response Management

Rolta GeoCAD is an advanced CAD based public safety solution for police, fire, and other emergency response agencies to provide better emergency services. This solution provides seamless integration with GIS maps allowing emergency response agencies to record, locate and respond to distress calls from within a geospatially-enabled environment. This solution empowers responding agencies by providing mission critical information and situational awareness through an intuitive common operating picture. It leverages the strengths and capabilities of desktop, Web and mobile technologies to seamlessly integrate the command centre with the necessary response forces.

It significantly improves quality and response time for emergency events. The solution has resulted in improved emergency recovery by analysing events in spatial environment. It has also enabled automated call taking and recording and supports automatic number identification and automatic location identification of the caller. The ‘Hot Call’ feature ensures effective handling of critical calls and reduces the response time.

The solution is also available for emergency medical services (EMS). GeoCAD EMS is a command & control center application utilising automated vehicle location and CAD technologies with additional communications support to address the emergency and non-emergency requirements. It provides a real-time situation awareness picture on a geospatial platform with call taking capability through various communication methods. This service provides timely treatment to the patient at the incident site and ensures efficient data sharing to hospitals for necessary arrangement.

Product components

Rolta GeoCAD Desktop: It provides advanced call taking, dispatching and supervision capabilities for emergency response management.

Rolta GeoCAD Web: It enables the users to view the complete event information and response vehicles in their current geographical position over the Web. It also provides dashboards and enhanced management reporting software suite.

Rolta GeoCAD Mobile: This software is deployed on Mobile Data Terminals (MDTs) – handheld devices associated with the responding units and personnel. It provides access to detailed information regarding the assigned events to the responding units including shortest path computation. The responders can also update the control centre about the progress of the event as well as send live photographs from the event location thereby enabling better coordination between the responding units and control centre.

Rolta GeoCAD Resource Manager: It allows the administrative features/configuration of vehicles, operators, shift details, vehicle resources, vehicles equipment, event types, event priorities, modems etc.