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Roadblocks in embracing AgTech

Kevin Spry,Founder GeoG2

Technology is increasingly becoming a part of agriculture, but the pace of adoption is slow.  The sector has suffered from over promises and under performance from both government and commercial efforts.  Farming is way more complex that more people think. Most of the use cases of AI that I have seen are more regression modeling than real time situation awareness that is required in agricultural production.  There is an old saying that basing sound management decisions on regression modeling is like steering a ship by watching the wake. There is also a need to keep so-called experts and snake oil salesmen out of the industry.   

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Over selling and under performance has been a major problem in the adoption of technology in the industry. We constantly work on evaluating new technology.  As a data company, our emphasis is on improving the efficiency of our data collection, while simultaneously improving the data we are collecting.  

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