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Right data for accurate analysis

Yogesh Khandelwal, CEO, GeoAmps

With the rapid increase in the pace of digitalization, there has been a profound impact on the way businesses handle and manage their data. Evolution in geospatial data is also unveiling new opportunities, and more spatial analytics is being done than ever before. However, there is a growing need for streamlining the data and embedding it into the current technology worklfows.

Technology provides a key element within process streamlining and cost-saving.  As such, it becomes a key tool for organizations that are looking to do more with less.

Some of the key components of geoAMPS leverage the spatial mapping capabilities and mobile capabilities for land record management in several industries. Both of these technologies are on hyper-growth path which provides a lot of opportunities to continuously upgrade our offerings. The advantage of our product is that it is configurable which allows companies to adapt the software to their own internal needs, thus reducing costly customization risk.

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