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Remote Sensning and its Application

By L R A Narayan
Price: Rs 265 
Published by
University Press (India) Ltd.
Hyderabad 500 029

The book is an attempt to explain remote sensing and its application in a language which can be understood by a layman. The book is a compilation of articles written by Dr. L R A Narayan in The Hindu for the last several years. Richly illustrated and easy to read, the book will be of interest to students, teachers, scientist and non-specialists.

Dr. L. R. A. Narayan, the first Head of Applications, National Remote Sensing Agency, has several significant contributions to his credit. He carried out extensive survey and mapping in the difficult north eastern parts of India, and developed new methods of wasteland mapping and groundwater assessment. The artciles compiled in the book basically focus on the application of remote sensing in natural resource management. Dr. L. R. Narayan has done a great service by writing articles in a leading newspaper in the country in generating awareness about mapping sciences in the country. He has brought some great work to the notice of his countrymen. This book will go a long way in creating awareness about mapping sciences.