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Recognition and Modelling the Natural Resources of Esfahan Province by Using 3 System

Mohamad Mir , Mohamad Sadeghi
Deparment of Natural Resources,
Isfahan Iran
[email protected]

Fatolah Ghayour Ali Nadi

For carefully recognition of Natural Resources Lands in Isfahan province we used the Landsat image in 432 bands and 742 bands (False color Composite) in 1:100000 scale.

This data interpreted by a interpretation Key with verify classes (21 classes)included Range,Natural Forest,Irrigation agriculture,Dry farm , Sand dune, Desert.etc and executive operation began in 2001(summer) and ended in 2003(winter).

Features controled by Global Positioning System(GPS) and separated on transparent paper and then digitized by Geographic Information system ( GIS) software included Pc Arc/Info,ArcView.

After editting spatial errors & attribute errors information items joined to it and finally the landcover map of Isfahn Province provided in 1:100000 Scale.

Necessary processing on the map were done,area and percent of the feathers on the map identified .

This operations was generated to all of the other areas.For modeling the natural resources map ,basic map included Roads,Streams,Countor lines and urban points were set and digital elevation model(DEM)was provided.

Some of the specifications in this project are:

  1. The surface event of execution operations is in 10.7 million Hectar.
  2. Group performance for field and laboratory operations.
  3. The project is unique (preparation of the natural resources map of in Isfahan province in the high accuracy)
  4. Consequences is applied in different projects for example Watershed manegment and etc.
  5. Data and information is numerical.
  6. Up to dating is possible with a low expense in a short time.
  7. It is possible to classify the scattered information.

The consequences of the project:

  1. Preparation the map of natural resources in Isfahan province.
  2. Recognition of main plants original lands in order to concentrate the activities.
  3. Possibility to have plants covering in a comprehensive view.
  4. Using natural resources map for other researches.
  5. settel down the new information as a GIS,RS and GPS in the diffirent zone.