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Readers’ Survey 2014 – GIS is the master Tech!

Geospatial World Readers’ Survey 2014 - GIS,GNSS,GPS,LiDAR,Satellite remote sensing,Aerial photography,3D Data,Total Stations,Laser Scanning,BIM,UAV, Ground Penetrating Radar usage trends world wide

GIS is the most used technology globally with GNSS and satellite remote sensing closely following in 2nd and 3rd positions. Availability of geospatial data, which has been a concern until recently, is no longer an issue world over, thanks to the proliferation of sensors. Middle East and Europe lead globally with higher satisfaction levels in the usability of available data!

Here’s an insight into the complete results of Geospatial World Annual Readers’ Survey 2014.

Highlights of the Survey:

  1. Global trends of geospatial tech usage
  2. Data related aspects – What are the views of readers on
  3. What are the parameters that greatly affect an organisation’s decision in choosing a software?
  4. What factors affects the users in choosing hardware for their organisation?
  5. What are the challenges abound in geospatial industry affecting the greater use and versatility of application?