Raising Geospatial Imaging Standard Consolidating recent acquisitions and developing innovative and accurate...

Raising Geospatial Imaging Standard Consolidating recent acquisitions and developing innovative and accurate Geospatial Tools


Bob Morris
Leica Geosystems Geospatial Imaging, USA

Q.: What are the objectives of Leica Geosystems Geospatial Imaging as a company?

Our objectives at Leica Geosystems are not only to provide good financial returns to the shareholders but also to capitalize on the strengths of people who work for us and understand this industry so well. Our company has a broad set of domain expertise, spanning almost the entire geospatial spectrum. We understand the changes taking place in the marketplace and have developed a number of innovative ideas to improve solutions for our customers. One of our key objectives is to reach people in parts of the marketplace where the technology has not yet beenutilized to its fullest.

Q.: How is Leica Geosystems Geospatial Imaging different from other geospatial imaging providers?

In terms of developing geospatial imaging solutions, Leica Geosystems has a rich history. With the recent acquisition of ER Mapper, we have added another pioneer in remote sensing to our field of experts. We have a leading market share in the area of image processing, exploitation, visualization and overall image management. We understand imagery and terrain completely, from capture to exploitation to delivery. Focus is on the efficient use of imagery and ultimately its delivery to the user.

We have the credibility and the capacity to deliver top-quality innovative and comprehensive solutions. In fact, we are able to provide considerable interoperability in geospatial solutions to target a whole variety of customer requirements, encompassed by our core technologies of photogrammetry, remote sensing, visualization and enterprise peer-to-peer capabilities.

Q.: Could you please comment on the recent acquisitions?

On acquisition of ER Mapper

ER Mapper will be fully integrated with Leica Geosystems, with their locations remaining, growing and thriving. The ER Mapper employees have already joined Leica Geosystems, adding their expertise in geospatial imaging, spectral processing and image delivery. If you look at our overall product portfolio, we are joining the strengths of our respective products to offer a more complete solution set to our customers. While there are certain elements in our product line that overlap, we recognize the complimentary features in our solutions. With clients around the world, ER Mapper and our other recent acquisitions further strengthen our existing global presence


Prior to acquiring Acquis, we collaborated to enable ERDAS IMAGINE to deal with an Oracle database via the Oracle Spatial component. Acquis had the technology we needed to accomplish that the Acquis Data Editor, which allowed us to create a plug-in to the database for the ERDAS IMAGINE Viewer, ultimately enabling us to reside in an Oracle database or an Oracle Spatial environment. Acquis joining Leica Geosystems supports the merging of our strength in geospatial imagery with Acquis’ data management techniques- ultimately empowering us to provide relevant information throughout the enterprise.


In developing our strategy of expanding to larger, enterprise wide, non-tra- ditional markets, it became clear that we needed a way to employ our domain expertise in an environment enabling us to reach this new customer base. IONIC, with their RedSpider platform, allows us to accomplish this, given its overall capability. IONIC’s interoperable and truly OGC compliant technology assists us in developing more tailored solutions and enterprise integration services.

Q.: How do these acquisitions fit into your product portfolio and what are the integration plans?

With each of these acquisitions, we recognized the rapidly growing demand for geospatial information, with people not geospatially oriented beginning to understand the value geospatial information brings to their everyday business needs. Acquis’ technology provides the ability to create and update spatial and non-spatial information in a connected or disconnected environment. ER Mapper provides enterprise solutions for the rapid delivery of imagery over the Internet or intranet within an organization, further enhancing our desktop and enterprise geo-processing capabilities. ER Mapper also provides us with technology in geospatial image processing for preparing, managing, compressing and deploying imagery. IONIC provides enterprise geospatial technology with the most advanced service-oriented mapping available for web-based and distributed systems and a seamless interoperable spatial data infrastructure to securely catalog and erve geospatial information over the Internet. Ultimately, each of these technologieswill be fully integrated with our existing products and research and development efforts to deliver the most complete solutions, meeting our customers’ current requirements and anticipating future needs.

Q.: Could you share your views on the product development front?

Enterprise Solutions: Leica ADE
Leica ADE, a technology acquired from Acquis, is fully equipped with webbased and mobile enterprise applications for editing Oracle Spatial data.

Recently, the Florida Turnpike Enterprise implemented Leica ADE to enhance their asset management solution, eliminating the need to postprocess geospatial information.

Data Sharing: Leica TITAN
Leica TITAN is a dynamic online solution for sharing geospatial data and location-based content in a single, secure environment. Empowered by a 3D virtual globe, the Leica TITAN Network allows users to discover, visualize, share and retrieve geospatial data and location-based content within a social network. Leica TITAN provides access to & sharing of content such as images, terrain, 3D models, vector data, web services, location-based content and metadata. Leica TITAN is culturally relevant for a broad audience of individuals and organizations desiring to share data both internally and externally.

We are developing a TerraSAR-X processing capability for ERDAS IMAGINE® Radar Mapping Suite 9.1. Upon completion, this new capability will allow users to display and manipulate images captured by the TerraSAR-X. ERDAS IMAGINE will seamlessly process images collected by TerraSARX, providing intelligent information.

Q.: To deliver a ‘complete’ solution to your customers, are you planning to partner with or acquire more GIS software/ solution companies?

We plan to continue our strategic partnerships and proactively seek others as appropriate. Our recent acquisitions, coupled with our continued R&D efforts certainly equip us to provide a broader array of solutions. We will continue to analyze technology and decide if it is better to build or to buy. I think the bottom line is that we will continue to grow our business, focused on customer solutions.

Q.: How do you see the future for Leica Geosystems and for the geospatialindustry as a whole?

The strategy and development of future products and services from Leica Geosystems will be based on market opportunities. A major thrust for Leica Geosystems is to strengthen the recent acquisitions and fully integrate them with our company. We will continue to develop innovative and accurate geospatial tools for assessing information, continuing to expand the procurement of solutions available on the desktop and extending our offering to a much larger user base on the enterprise. Our own technological advancements and acquisitions will equip us to provide high performance image delivery over the Internet.

We are very much an industry in transition right now. With this, it is vital that we analyze technology and develop integrated solutions that address a wider range of business problems. I think awareness in the world, in terms of geospatial information, and how it affects businesses has reached an all time high, aided by the entry of corporations like Google and Microsoft. This new awareness presents clear opportunities to solve business problems in much larger, emerging markets.