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A compilation of few of the popular Raster to Vector Conversion Software available in the market.

Able Software R2V for windows (9x, NT and 2000)
R2V is the one of the fastest and finest automatic map vectorization software, which is one of the most powerful GIS friendly products. R2V combines the power of intelligent automatic vectorising technology with an easy-to-use, menu driven, and graphical user interface in the Microsoft environment. The software converts scanned maps or images to vector formats for mapping, GIS, CAD and scientific computing applications. The entire raster to vector conversion process is fully automatic and needs no human intervention. Powerful functions like editing and processing are provided to edit, geo-reference and label your data. R2v supports almost all images format (TIFF, GeoTIFF, JPEG, BMP, GIF, and RLC) including 1-bit bi-level, 8-bit gray scale and color images (4-bit, 8-bit and 24 bit). Powerful editing functions can easily update your data and label them geo-reference and the data is ready to use. Advanced image processing functions can also be implemented which includes such as image wrap or registration, image mosaic, color classification and separation and many more to handle different types of image. R2V creates 3D data set automatically from labeled line data and display them using R2V’s advanced 3D display and animation function. R2V provides a complete solution to digitize vector from various image sources. Thus a system easy to use and learn quickly by users with any level of technical background. Website: www.ablesw.com/r2v

WinTopo Pro from SoftSoft Ltd.
WinTopo Pro is a high quality raster to vector conversion tool. This software is based on established research finding of Zhang-Suen and Stentiford methods as well s the Canny method of edge detection on raster vectorisation. WinTopo converts images from scanners and other digital sources into vector data suitable for CAD and GIS systems. WinTopo Pro supports image raster formats such as TIFF, GIF, Jpeg or BMP and processes into DXF and other vector file formats. It is one of the fast and efficient system having a powerful georeference feature that ensures the vectors will be scaled, rotated, translated and deskewed to the correct coordinates ready for AD/GIS/CNC system. WinTopo Pro incorporates comprehensive functions of both raster and vector editing and extraction. Website:


Draftsman Series from Arbor Image Corporation

Draftsman Cutting Shop: This series is especially available for all cutting and engraved applications. The program imports color, gray and black & white images. It has many features designed for NC applications such as line offset, cuttable fills, automatic and manual tool path sorting, show direction of cut and if required, reverse it. Also imports DXF files from low-end raster to vector programs. It imports and exports raster files (PCX, BMP, TIFF, RLC, CALS group, JPG) and vector files (DXF, PLT, IGES, DXB, CGM, HPG, TXT, 2D).

Draftsman 2000: This software comes with complete full featured image conversion package, including automatic raster to vector conversion, optical character recognition, heads up digitizing, raster and vector editing and for achievers, vector to raster conversions also. A new feature in vector editing it merges two vector drawings into one. Scans of prints, sketches and silhouettes are quickly converted into vector drawings that look like original image. Draftsman for AutoCAD Release 14 and Release 2000: This series are fully integrated into AutoCAD running under 95, 98, NT and 2000. The 32 bit performance makes raster to vector conversion of D and E size drawings very fast and the tight integration allows Draftsman to vectorise all colour and black & white raster formats that AutoCAD supports. It has improved conversion preferences screen so that users can create their own list of preset sets of preferences. For example there can be a preset, named, parameters for conversion of TOPOgraphic maps, FLOOR plans and LOGOS. Website: https://www.arborimage.com/aihome.htm

Draftsman Series from Palisades Research, USA.
Draftsman Plus 32 and Draftsman Plus Series is almost similar to the series available from Arbor Image. A full featured program for those who need the highest possible accuracy. This package combines ultra high quality automatic conversions with additional built in editing and OCR capabilities all in a Windows format. The unique feature that singulars it from Arbor series is it runs independent of AutoCAD and is not affected by AutoCAD updates. AutoImage-Professional (Ai-Pro) software gets your drawings off paper and directly into CAD. Ai-Pro converts scanned image sof your drawings automatically into fully vectorised CAD files that can be edited, zoomed and snapped to using normal CAD commands and other commands such as Double Accuracy Logic knows when to smooth an entity and when to closely adhere to every raster nuance.Ai-Pro converts raster files from virtually any scanner (RLC, PCX, IMG formats) into vector files that are easily imported into most CAD packages such as AutoCAD (DXF & DXB), CADkey (CDL), EasyCAD (EXF), Drafix (POR), DesignCAD (DC2), Intergraph (IGS & CGM), VersaCAD (.2D) and Generic CADD (DWG or GCD). Ai-Pro is a DOS based program that works with most CAD packages. Website: https://www.findthem.com/rvidx.htm

TracTrix Series from Trix Systems Inc.
TracTrix 2000 has a unique option for raster to vector conversion which automatic converts raster lines to vectors as NURBS, Bezier curves, polylines, arcs or circles. It also has an option of optical character recognitionthat converts raster text into vector text entities. TracTrix can be taught to recognize your own special fonts and stencils. Trix RasterServer unique converter that converts popular CAD formats such as DXF, HPGL, DWG to PDF and multiple raster formats including BMP, CALS, C4 and TIFF. It automatically works in the background providing batch mode conversion to high resolution raster image for anyone on a network.. Outputs the latest PNG format for direct publication of images through Browsers and large drawings can be split into user-defined output sheet sizes. Website: https://www.trixsystems.com

Scan2CAD Series from Softcover International Limited
The two versions of Scan2CAD – Scan2CAD and Scan2CAD OCR Plus are unique and the same time exactly the same program except that Scan2CAD OCR Plus includes as additional menu , the Plus Menu. This Plus menu contains commands for font training. Scan2CAD unique with its features well equipped from quick conversion of raster/scanned files to easy to edit DXF (vector) files, supporting all the major file formats for conversion, comprehensive raster and vector editing tools and unique OCR text recognition tool. The distinctive about Scan2CAD is the font training where it recognises text by means of technology called neural networks. Thus the software learns to recognise shapes and patterns from a range of examples. It works with any scanner, any size of drawing and any PC CAD program. It is one of the first professional raster to vector converter with OCR text recognition available at a budget price. Scan2CAD program thus marks a major turning point in scan conversion cost effectiveness. Website: