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Business MAP 2.0
Sales and marketing tool used to meld data from business applications with maps. It turns data from contact managers, databases, or spreadsheet virtuals to maps. Can read ACT, TeleMagic Contact manager virtuals, dBase, Excel, Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheets and Microsoft Access format database files. An ESRI (Environmental systems Research Institute) product .

System Requirements: 4 MB RAM, 13 MB hard disk space, Windows 3.1x/95/NT.
Price: $99.00
Contact: NIIT Ltd.

Digital Eicher City Map Delhi 1.0
Seamless, geopositioned detailed map data product. Coverage includes Delhi, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Faridabad and Noida. Requires minimum a 486 with 8 MB RAM and also requires Win 3.x operating system.
Price: Rs 100,00
Contact: RM Software India

Terraininfo Ver 1.0
Tool useful for cellular network planning. Displays land use, elevation, vector information (rail and railroads), and ground profile. It requires minimum a 486 with 8 MB RAM and 1.5 MB HDD Win 3.x operating system.
Price: Rs. 4,999…100,00
Contact RM Software India

SuperCop-beta Release 1.0
GIS based tool used by police for crime prevention and detection. Links crimes, criminals and localities information, requires a minimum a 486 with 8 MB RAM & 15 MB HDD, Win 3.x and Win 95 operating system.

Price: Rs 65,000
Contact: RM Software India.

MapServer 3/32
A mapping toolkit for building customised applications in Visual Basic 4. The features include spatial data management for vector and raster map titles, importing multiple colour maps and panning, zooming and manipulating digital data and their attributes. It lets designing of map layouts and appearance with updates and allows inclusion of digital maps, geographical information and spatial decision support systems in the applications. Allows sharing of data across networks, the means to create customised mapping applications for Windows 95/NT, error handling and reporting.
System Requirements: Windows 95/NT
Contact: Geosoft Ltd.

Window based system for presentation illustration, and display of geographically-based information. Comes with a library of maps of various countries. Maps can be created, imported a nd modified. Allows to copy and paste data from/to other application, and transfer maps toword processing or DTP applications. On a single map, 32,000 types of information like income, expenses, demand, etc. can be stores. One can place sysbols on the map to mark locations, link information to areas and symbols in map or picture, choose the whole map or part of it, and print the map on multiple pages. The application areas include consumer goods market, advertising, sales, corporate planning, etc. A GIS poduct developed by European Standard Software of Denmark.
Contact: Zyfax Systems, Mumbai (Ph. 022-2674270; Fax: 2656802)

IMPD 1.0
Country-wide air ports map specifying airport type (domestic/international). City maps containing extents, demographics, rail road drainage, network, airports, green areas, hospitals, hotels/restaurants and landmarks.

Price: Rs. 5950…249,00
Contact: RM Software India