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Positioning Information Transfer in Location – Based Services


Zhao Dong-qing
Engineers Research Center
Institute of Surveying and Mapping,
Information Engineering University,
Email: [email protected]

Lu Zhi-ping

To determine the position of mobile terminal in Location-Based Services (LBS), one or more wireless positioning method is used. From the point of view of information transfer, the information flow in positioning process is detailed analyzed focusing on Assisted GPS (A-GPS) technology. Because of the limited bandwidth of wireless network, the information to be transferred will be reduced to the least extend. Referring to related standards, such as Mobile Location Protocol (MLP) and Receiver Independent Exchange Format (RINEX), a new positioning information organization based on XML syntax is established. In order to realize independency and enhance reliability, location center is separated from the location service platform. Thus the location gateway services will be used. Based on MLP, Standard Location Immediate Service method is discussed. It realizes the interface of mobile positioning and information services.