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Population Atlas India

Price: Rs 75.00 (Inland)
$ 4.42 (Foreign)

The Census of India has been bringing out the Census Atlas volume of India ever since 1961 at each census and it is traditionally brought out in about A2 size that is four times bigger than the usual A4 in order to retain the detailed features of the maps. This time the department has come out with an A4 size atlas which obviously is handy and reader friendly. Since it is not possible to to enter the names of all the districts in A4 size maps due to lack of space, only data have been displayed for the districts. To facilitate the identification of the districts, a big map of A2 size, which carries the names of all the districts as existing in 1991, has been kept as a loose reference map in the front inner cover pocket. The map can be kept alongside while referring to each thematic map and the district names can be easily identified.

The publication seeks to present the 1991 census data on the population of India in all its multifarious aspects through maps. There are 83 maps presented in 16 sections starting with the section India- the physical settings which provides a broad physiographic perspective of the land mass which houses the huge population, and contains the maps of India – political, the physiographic zones, geology, soils, relief and drainage, rainfall and temperature. This is followed by sections on population density and growth, fertility, household size, sex ratio, ageing, working age population, urbanisation, migartion, literacy, work participation in primary, secondary and tertiary sectors, scheduled castes and tribes, religion and housing.

The atlas is very comprehensive in information. Rather it can be termed as a rich mine where one can dig as much as one wants. Certain maps are associated with pie diagrams, bar charts and other visuals, which make the information more visible. Every map is accompanied by a well-written explanatory texts. Comparisons of information with reference to 1981 have also been made to show various trends.

However, much more could have been done. The atlas lacks information on health, development, poverty, income level and associated trends. It would be wonderful if this atlas is made available in CDs and it would be revolutionary by Indian standards if these maps are put on Internet, not in raster format but in user interactive format where the user can use the information as per his requirements and can do the value addition.

The atlas is comprehensive, handy and quite affordable. One must have a copy of it. Kudos to the Census Department of India.

This Atlas can be purchased from The Sales Depot (Phone: 338 6583) Office of the Registrar General of India 2-A, Mansingh Road, New Delhi-110001, INDIA