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Planning for Ecological Sustainability of Urban Centres

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Kausalya Ramachandran
ICAR National Fellow
Email: [email protected]

Rapid urbanization world over has been accompanied by a deluge of ecological problems. By 2025, while the world would be home to over 8 billion people and urban centers would attract most of them like magnets, the situation in Indian towns would be more critical. Rural economies would not only fail to employ the additional population, even the resident population may find it difficult and by far more unattractive to live in them as digital divide, infrastructure constraints and climatic aberrations would make the living in these regions difficult. Even urban centers in their present chaotic state would hurtle towards a probable breakdown unless stringent measures are taken up by the various governments. Some important decisions that the state governments in India may have to take up urgently are – checking population growth, protecting productivity of soil, capping land degradation, conserving water resources and educating people to care for our common natural heritage etc., so that rural India could satisfy the wants and aspiration of its people. These issues are neither new nor their solutions unknown. What is really required is a renewed effort lead by the government by evolving a public – private partnership to resolve these issues before it is too late. The present study analyses the issues facing urbanisation in India and presents a framework for Hyderabad Urban Agglomeration which is in the thresholds of a massive growth.

Keywords : sustainability, urban centers, GIS, remote sensing, EIA ,