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Pictometry – Providing Geospatial Situation Awareness in Malaysia

David Jonas
Business Development Manager – Asia
AAMHatch Pty Limited
[email protected]

Pictometry has provided US and European Security Organisations with detailed Situation Awareness solutions for many years, and this capability is now available in Malaysia. Pictometry is a unique information system which provides Emergency Response units with high resolution and intuitive imagery that is best described by the phrase: Know Before You Go. Pictometry captures geo-referenced, high-resolution oblique (at an angle, producing a 3-D like view) and orthogonal (straight down) Intelligent Images®, within which structures and land features can be measured. Pictometry customizes these technologies for government and commercial applications offering nontraditional software solutions to aerial imaging needs. Pictometry’s imagery and software enables users to “See Everywhere, Measure Anything, Plan Everything” using a patented digital information system. This presentation will describe the technology, before providing numerous Case Studies on how Intelligent Images have assisted the GeoIntelligence sector. Before dispatching response teams to an incident site, imagine the power of being able to call-up high resolution imagery to show entry points, potential escape routes, and staging areas. More than just a display, the accurate measuring tools will allow Command to measure road widths, roof areas, window heights, evacuation radius and critical access distances. The full power of Pictometry Intelligent Images is realised when combined with fire fighting assets, property boundaries, population statistics or other corporate databases. Pictometry Intelligent Images can be deployed by internet, intranet, standalone applications, within ESRI (or other GIS), mobile phones or direct to Emergency Service dispatch vehicles. This presentation will describe how the Malaysian GeoIntelligence services can Know Before You Go.