Our Market is not Limited to Asia Now

Our Market is not Limited to Asia Now


Sanui, who is also heading PASCO Thailand Co. Ltd and FM International Oy-FINNMAP, bears his thought over mapping and other related issues in an exclusive interview with GIS Development. Hiroshi Sanui
Hiroshi Sanui
General Manager,
International Marketing Overseas Division, PASCO Corp., Japan

Sanui, who is also heading PASCO Thailand Co. Ltd and FM International Oy-FINNMAP, bears his thought over mapping and other related issues in an exclusive interview with GIS Development.

Q. How did PASCO begin its journey?

A. The name PASCO comes from Pacific Aerial Surveying Company. Until 1982, this was the abbreviation of the name of the company but now PASCO has become a name itself or the ‘brand name’. PASCO began with authorities that were working towards developing new processes and techniques of surveillance, surveying and mapping. It was basically a venture towards the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the war-torn Japan. After the Second World War, American mapping agencies decided to survey the destroyed Japanese territories. A big survey group was formed. Within subsequent years, all these people who were involved, managed to achieve the fiscal conditions to be able to make updations and perform surveying in the damaged territory and thus was formed PASCO.

Q. How has been the journey in the domain of aerial photogrammetry?

A. PASCO was the first serving company in Japan to purchase digital sensor camera and LiDAR technology. Processes have been developed where these advanced equipments are utilised to deliver results to our clients. In aerial photography or aerial photogrammetry, we already are one of the leading companies though we have many other competitors in Japan. We have continuously been updating and modernising our technology.

As far as Japan is concerned, even 500-600 years ago, the country had developed upgraded modern technologies in mapping and surveying; Tadataka Inoh, a Japanese, is quiet famous in this field. He did surveying in major parts of Japan, northern island, coastal areas and other country side areas. We now have Geographical Surveying Institute of Japan, under the government of Japan that has taken up the task further.

Q. Is PASCO only a service providing company?

A. It was typically a service providing company, which evolved to a product company with the release of products like Mapview. Now we have developed softwares and hardwares too. Earlier we were following the analog technologies only; then came the period of 3D technology systems, which made our services more efficient and easy. Twelve years ago we were using general maps, but everyone wanted to have spatial data. So, now we have re-positioned our business as per clients’ needs.

Q. Which application segment are you targeting for Mapview?

A. It is more for power and country planning centric projects. But nowadays, it is also being used for planning and resolving litigations; also for certain kind of simulation to evacuate the people at times of disasters. We also plan to integrate the utility services in the Mapview product. Availability of good standardized data too facilitates analyses in such areas.

Q. Other than Japan, where all PASCO plans to expand?
A. In Japan itself, market is growing for us. We started from Japan but for last few years, we have been spreading to other parts of the world. Our market is not limited to Asia now; we have expanded to Latin America, Middle East and to African countries like Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Guyana.

Q. Do you see any difference in the types of services, which are provided region wise, like when you are working in Africa?

A. Ten years ago we saw a lot of differences but because of innovations practically in demand, now it’s almost the same. There are surveying departments in almost every country now; the whole of this has spread also to the countries where the human resource is very limited. But still there are developed countries with more adavnced computerized technologies whereas some African countries are still going for computerisatuion.