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Nokia Here Maps and Services for India

Nokia HERE Maps wiht Traffic for Microsoft Mobile devices

Location-based services are becoming integral for travellers today. People from Web enterprises as well as the car and mobile industry are constantly developing complementary location-based services and other offerings to make the journey smooth. Nokia is helping people not only to effectively navigate their worlds, but also to discover new adventures along the way with the help of its set of location-based apps like HERE Maps, HERE Drive+, HERE Transit, HERE Traffic, HERE Venue Maps etc.

Smoother navigation

While planning a journey, it’s always a good idea to check the traffic and road conditions. HERE not only shows the route, it can also highlight any traffic, planned road closures or incident problems. The real-time traffic updates delivers detailed information about traffic speeds on motorways, main and secondary roads to enable more accurate estimated arrival times.

HERE’s real-time traffic service is available free of cost to any smartphone that has Symbian and Microsoft’s Windows OS. Users just need to pay the data services charges to telecom service providers.

A new update for the HERE Drive+ navigation suite was introduced recently. It adds real-time traffic information, a route overview list with turn-by-turn directions and more. The new version of Drive+ brings lots of new traffic features. One can get real-time traffic info, which provides very precise arrival times. One can also check the entire traffic overview on a map.

Another new feature is the list of turn-by-turn directions for a particular route. This way, one can explore the route they are about to take and get familiar with it. HERE products provide more than just a map: they help one in driving from point A to point B. It gives the driver a new generation of location products to help them make sense of the world around them.

Driver safety is also a big concern in today’s world. By delivering the correct and freshest map at the right time, HERE traffic minimises distractions. HERE has distinguished itself as the clear leader in this space; it powers four out of five cars with in-dash location content that can be extended to include dynamic services such as weather, traffic and local search.

Easing traffic globally

Globally, HERE traffic covers 34 countries with real time traffic and 71 countries with Traffic Patterns. It covers top 30 cities in India, out of which there is 100% coverage in top 5 cities. Additionally, it has an All-India Highway coverage. These patterns are built using billions of probe points collected over last few years, which are updated twice a year.

Unique features

  • Traffic Patterns: Provides average speeds by time of day and day of week.
  • Real-Time Traffic: Provides real-time speeds for traffic enabled roads.