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A free, valuable and ready-at-hand online guide to cosmopolitan Hong Kong for both local residents and tourists is available on www.hkcitymap.com. This user friendly site provides interactive maps that can be used even by a layman. The web site was renamed as “YPMAP.com” in November 2000.

The “YPMAP.com” covers useful information on aspects like shopping, dining and transport, making them searchable by several topical and user-friendly functions with the information presented in a mapping format. Currently there are eight functions, namely “Location Search”, “Info Map”, “Dining Map”, “Tourist Map”, “Traffic Map”, “Weather Map”, “Census Map” and “HK Photo Gallery”. The site features a complete set of digital maps on the scales of 1:1000 and 1:10000. The maps can be flexibly viewed by using a mouse for various panning and zooming perspectives. Alternatively, an eight-level bar is provided for viewing at different levels for viewing the map at the city, district, building or street levels. The site provides the opportunity to look for a nearby area not shown on the map, with the same viewing level. Certain icons/buildings/street blocks on the map are clickable to display more information. However, these clickable items vary under different feature topics.

For ‘Info Map’, ‘Dining Map’ and ‘HK Photo Gallery’, the viewer can click respective icons on the map to get corresponding details. For Location Search, the buildings on map can be clicked for relevant details. For Census Data, the main street blocks on map can be viewed for the census data. Search options vary under different feature topics are all located on the left of the screen for easy reference. For general search purpose, the map includes major city contours like highways, MTR stations, parks and government facilities, etc. A building, street, or facility name can search a particular destination. Information options available here include popular retail outlets, yellow pages information and government facilities, etc.

A restaurant guide presented in mapping format, featuring 7000 local restaurants. Once you have identified a location, all the dining icons available will appear on the map instantly. Alternatively, you can search restaurants to your choice by selecting a type of food and/or a district.

Real-time traffic images covering major transport hubs of the Hong Kong Island, Kowloon and the New Territories are updated constantly along with green mini-bus route search. The weather map provides weather of the day, forecast and air pollution index.

A digital album of the “Pearl of the Orient” exhibiting distinguished landmarks, breath-taking scenery and the unique Hong Kong life headed by different themes, serves as a valuable Internet visual tour guide for tourists worldwide. Hosting nearly 800 pictures of professional-quality, it is one of the largest database of its kind locally. Simply click the topic that interests you and you will see available options with a preview photo on the left. You may choose to view the photo in a larger scale and with finer resolution.n

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