Planning to visit Malaysia for the first time but do not know where to go, where to stay and what are the important land marks then click on to The site is a very useful for the tourists as well as the business entrepreneurs visiting Malaysia for the first time. It provides a detailed map of the country including the street maps.

The tourist guide map provides information about Malaysia in general, each state of Malaysia, places of interest, hotels, shopping complexes, restaurants, community services, money changers, tourist information centres and embassies. The maps that are provided are user friendly and interactive maps. Users can zoom in or out for more detailed viewing. The zoom in and out of a place is related to the state of Kuala Lumpur. The detailed information regarding the rest of the states is not available and it seems that the site wants their users to tickle their grey cells before they can actually realise that zoom levels for the whole country is not available. The range of the scale of representation includes macro level representation of the state boundary with major cities to meso level representation of district boundaries to micro level representation with major roads names, city landmarks, buildings, lakes and rivers. All these details are available only for the state of Kuala Lumpur. The country map of Malaysia presents the other states of Malaysia that gives us a detailed information of the places of interest, which are accompanied by very attractive photographs.

The site provides the opportunity to access information and also view Malaysian directories through the yellow pages directories. Search for all the business, residential and government premises for all the states of Malaysia by classification like hotels, resorts, and travel bureaus, air travel tickets, embassies and consultants. Alphabetical search enables the users to look into the places of interest if the person wants to know any other information other than the specified classification mentioned above.

The search capability of the site is very good. If you are aware of the name of the locality, then you can directly display the map showing the locality by placing a search for the locality. However, if you are not aware of the names of the other facilities available then the names of the localities is available in the form of index arranged alphabetically. But this facility is not available for the whole state but the location of the place is available only for the capital city. The good thing about the site is that it provides an idea about the distance between two points on the map. The zoom level in the site is divided into streets, inner city, suburb, state and country. Only the street level and inner city zoom levels are operating for the state of Kuala Lumpur.

Although the site has the technology to provide road directions to users, it does not do so on the site, they miss out a large chunk of the population interested in having the knowledge about the routes in the city. The site also helps in identifying the buildings, roads. The most interesting feature available is that of Malaysian products available online i.e. if you are supposed to attend any formal or informal function suddenly, then you can buy customised jackets and suits.

The site can be summed as a useful site for displaying maps of the capital city.

Sucharita Mookherjee