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Neighbourhood Information System

Neighbourhood Information System needs to be appreciated in ways other than those directly implied by first three words. With the easy assess to neighbourhood information, comes better neighbourhood utilisation, management and finally governance. It a boost to the concept of ‘Governance at and by the grassroots’. The usilisation of GIS technologies no doubt affects our present and future – but impacting our past… well with 3D monument information systems well in place, it will change the way we perceive the past too. The initiatives undertaken by the Dubai Municipality to engage students in the locality mapping activity will go a long way in inculcating a sense of planning in the ‘Decision Makers of Tomorrow’.

If we do not plan today keeping in view the changes taking place and visualizing those which will take place in years to come, we would end up with clogged roads and stressed infrastructure. A common scene in all the parts of the world and accepted in many places also. Perhaps because of this now you have taxis plying on roads with option wherein you can pay by time rather by distance.

While Moore’s Law continue to hold true and chips gets clogged with more transistors and gates, our ability to provide a solution to urban development seems to go haywire many a times. It is something beyond tools and technology! Something which is perhaps too simple to be bothered about. Something which is simple but it’s magnetic pull tends to pull apart the city infrastructure. May be today, we need to explore another avenue of GIS which takes care of the dynamic variables in the planning process.

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