National Cartographic Center: Towards a New Era

National Cartographic Center: Towards a New Era


Alireza Gharagozlou
Alireza Gharagozlou
Manager, Public Relations and International Affairs
National cartographic center of Iran
[email protected]

National Cartographic Center of Iran has the role of supervising authority in the geomatics sector in Iran. The aim of this report is to create awareness about the potentials and objectives of the NCC for the year 2004

The National Cartographic Center of Iran (NCC) is affiliated to the Management and Planning Organisation. The main objectives and tasks of NCC are centralising all surveying and geographic activities, map preparation, standardisation of all surveying and geographic processes and a lot of other activities.

NCC has tried to keep pace with the ever-increasing changes in technology sector. To meet the needs of the users and clients, it attempts to use latest technologies. The organisation is in the process of designing and establishing GIS, LIS and National Topographic Databases (NTDB) for Iran.

The main products of NCC are related to its key activities. It prepares base maps at different scales, thematic maps, planning and implementation national atlases. The main objectives of NCC for the year 2004 are:

  • Preparation and revision of digital base maps of Iran and NTDB at the scale of 1:25,000, based on aerial photographs
  • Preparation of 700 sheets and revision of 500 sheets
  • Preparation of 1:50,000 maps based on 1:25,000 maps
  • Preparation of digital terrain model (DTM) of Iran based on 1:25,000 base maps
  • Preparation of 1:10,0000 maps based on 1:50,000 maps
  • Preparation of 1:25,0000 maps from 1:25,000 maps

It is also planning to: Format modification (GIS); support provincial council of GIS users; pursue activities of Permanent Committee on GIS for Asia & Pacific (PCGIAP); direct and plan the preparation and updation of maps of the cities of Iran at 1:2,000 scale (1000 sheets).