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MASINFO – Marketing and Sales Information System

Mr.Jaideep Narula
Vice President Technical, Radiant Informatics Pvt.Ltd.

Sales analysts have used computer-based data since 1980 analyse their companies leading customers, competitors and markets. Market managers have developed product positioning and sales strategies from information stored in computer database, and planners have been employing industry and demographic data to determine best investment and expansion opportunities.

Still, for all their precision and promise these data bases lacked a graphical dimension to bring their contents into view. Managers routinely spent days-analyzing complex statistics from row and column reports spreadsheets.

Emerging in an era of precise micro marketing and increasing cost control, desk top mapping software solution called MASINFO is the boon in the hands of marketers at every operational level. MASINFO enables companies to make more intelligent business decision with this insightful tool. These decisions, gleaned from visually analyzing sales, markets and demographic data, are going to generate more fertile sales territories, more profitable marketing programs and more successful site planning than ever before.

MASINFO facilitates managers to actually see the productivity of each sales territory, sales person, and distributor. You can chart and rank your complete list of customers for every product and service and have clear picture of where you stand in the marketplace. Territories are being drawn with precise knowledge of an area’s existing and potential revenue and realistic sales quotas are being set.

MASINFO has been developed for Indian environment. Maps up to state and district levels are bundled with road and rail network having census data attached, MASINFO is being used by multinational and Indian companies for the following applications.

  1. Sales Analysis
  2. Site analyses
  3. Distribution System
  4. Global view of sales
  5. Service Centres
  6. Direct response
  7. Direct Sales
  8. Advertising
  9. HRD
  10. Routing

MASINFO is the most cost effective solution for data visualization and analysis. MASINFO software delivers exceptional price performance, enabling sales managers and marketers to:

  • Quickly and intuitively see relationship between diverse data.
  • Efficiency manage resources.
  • Make decision based on greater insight
  • Spot new opportunities.

MASINFO provides sales and marketing professional the advantage of viewing multilayer of information relationship. If generate maps that have data attached to any object Ease-of-use for geocoding address matching and relationship joins.

You can link your data definition tables to help in future access. It takes Lotus, Excel and delimited ASCII files directly. It has powerful SQL queries or ordinary form based queries. The standard mode of relational operation makes this software hard to beat for flexibility and sophisticates adhoc searches.

Thematic mapping techniques allows use to shade any geographic entity according to its assigned value. It answers i.e. show me territories having sales below 1 crore, 1-5 crore, 5-10 core and above 10 crore. Polygons, lines, polylines and point can be shaded, hatched or distinguished by the symbols, shading lien types and arranges and dot density mapping and graduated symbols are also available.

MASINFO’s strong geographic analysis assists sales managers and marketers to find objects such as address, sales territories, competitor locations, customers etc. Geographic searches by radius and polygon can also be performed.

MASINFO gives you instantly statistical analysis by drawing bar, pie and point charts. You can calculate distances, areas, perimeters and it has the powerful routing application.

You can plan the shortest route to cover maximum dealers for optimum utilization of transport. Transportation costs management can be specially useful for profitability and to beat the competition.

As part of the MASINFO software, RIPL has launched the India Golden Data which is a must for every marketing/Sales manager, research organisation, government offices, students etc. The exhaustive data that has been compiled facilitates the users to ‘KNOW THEIR COUNTRY THE WAY THEY SHOULD”. In this ever-competitive market of today, the marketing manager has just the previous sales data or the competitors data to do his analysis and forecastings. But, the basic need of the user of analyzing the data available alongwith the socio-economic, Cultural, Industrial, Infrastructural development data is missing. These detailed demographic data could help the managers to take strategic decisions regarding opening of new offices, having more dealers, redistricting their sales territories and thereby save on the cost of manpower and other overhead expenses.

The data is provided alongwith a very powerful analysis software which can facilitate to analyse the fields that are specific to their requirements rather than having to go through the complete data. On mapping these fields on their territories maps, the resulting picture at one glance brings out the trends never seen before. Analysis, which took days and was available in the form of rows and column is now available at a click of a button and with a mapping display. The analysis is of the best of international standards and facilitates the user to gain the competitive edge in this era of globalization.

The data available at state level has around 1000 fields of valuable information and the district level data is available with hundreds (approximately400) of fields of data. Some of the heads under which the data is classified are

  • Geographical
  • Population
  • Land holding and usage
  • Agriculture
  • Fertilisers
  • Irrigation
  • Finance and Banking
  • Industries
  • Housing
  • Labour
  • Power
  • Education
  • Health
  • Transport
  • Telecommunications
  • Crime
  • Election
  • Tourism

These data are also a very valuable tool for the research organizations and the government offices. This facilitates the decision makers to understand the development of their areas of interest and allocate their funds in a more judicious manner. India Golden Data, the first of its kind with GIS technology, is a step towards our motto of providing “RIGHT INFORMATION TO THE RIGHT PERSON AT THE RIGHT TIME”.

In addition to the above requirement for Sales and Marketing, another area, which has always remained neglected and is one of the most important areas today, is the Human Resource Management (HRM). Taking into consideration the importance of this to the organisation, RIPL introduces P&P, a GIS based integrated and rational approach to Human Resource Management.

P&P – India’s first GIS based HRMS for You.
P&P is a comprehensive GIS based Human Resources Management System designed specifically for Indian environment. It is an integrated on-line solution in a single Box. It covers all functional areas in HR Management such as Organizational Structure, Personnel Information & Service Records, HR Development, Leaves & Attendance and Payroll. To facilitate timely and effective decisions by the management, reports have been incorporated with maps using the GIS technology. It provides you the total capability to address the challenging task of effectively managing the Human Resources.

Manage Smartly
P&P helps you to capture all HR data in an on-line system, which becomes a source of invaluable information. It provides you instant access to any information either in the form of data or on the maps which can be thematically shaded and empowers you to take timely decisions.

Using this system, you can look at information from various perspectives. For example, you can look at the information from a Department to Positions to Employees. Or you can view the position wise status all over the country or the vacancies existing for all/ particular position (on the maps). Or you can find which employees have a particular skill. Whichever way you want to look at the information, P&P can deliver the same to you instantly.

P&P not only enables you to perform routine administrative tasks on-line but also helps you to proactively manage the human resource development activity. For example, you can find which employees have skill deficiencies in their current job or planned job and prepare a training plan for the same. Or you can find which employees are due to retire in a certain time period and carry out succession planning.

P&P can easily interface with any digital attendance recording machine and enable you to quickly access and analyze attendance-related information. It can help you to take informed decisions to re-deploy people in critical areas, reduce absenteeism/ unauthorized leaves and improve productivity.

P&P enables you to maintain accurate leave cards for each employee. It also helps you automatically create new leave cards at the beginning of each year by calculating carry-forwards and new entitlements.

P&P also enables you to process your payroll accurately, irrespective of the complexities of your salary structure. The Payroll module is designed for rule-based salary definition, enabling you to handle any salary structure.

P&P is a lean, agile, reliable and fast solution which you can install and implement quickly. You would find the system very easy-to-use. You would quickly discover that once you have operated a few programs in P&P you can operate everything else with remarkable ease – thanks to the uniform, mouse driven windows based user interface of P&P.

With P&P you can quickly streamline your HR operations, ensure timely availability of information in the form of maps or data, improve employee’s skill levels, boost employee productivity and manage your most important resource in a rational way.

Deploy Cost Effectively
P&P enables you to deploy an HRM solution in an extremely cost effective manner. The system performs admirably even on the modest hardware. The system does not require any database servers or any other middlewares, thereby not only saving you substantial money, but also making its administration much easier.

You can run it on various network operating systems including Windows NT server, Novell NetWare and Linux.

Maintain Complete Security
With P&P, your data is completely secure. You can have extensive access controls and define who can use which transactions, reports or implement queries. Moreover, all transactions entered in the system carry the user’s name and timestamp, enabling you to easily audit the system at any time.

Move to year 2000 with Confidence
Expert’s believe that a large percentage of HR and Payroll software in use are still not Y2K compliant which may generate wrong information and reports such as Paysheets, Loan Recoveries, PF, Statement, E.S.I. Statement, Income Tax deductions etc. are likely to be severely affected by the Y2K problem, leading to immense problems and employee dissatisfaction.

P&P is fully Y2K complaint and can help you avoid Y2K catastrophe and move to next millennium with confidence.

The making of P&P
P&P was conceived two years back with the goal of providing an efficient, integrated and reliable HRM system to organizations which would like to utilize state-of-the-art technologies to streamline their operations and gin competitive advantage.

The design objectives of P&P were

  • Lean and efficient system
  • High performance even on modest hardware
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to implement
  • Easy to administer
  • Easy to analyse with mapping technology
  • Uniform mouse driven windows based user interface
  • User configurable
  • Fully integrated

P&P has been developed using state-of-the-art technologies and tools. At the heart of P&P is a powerful Data Dictionary and an advanced Forms Engine, which have been developed by Progen after more than ten years of research.

P&P is the result of more than twenty person-years of extensive research and development. It has been extensively field tested on several sites including multinational firms.

MASINFO is a technology breakthrough whose full potential is just beginning to be tapped. It works on any desktop computer running windows and affordably priced.

MASINFO is a tool for developing more effective business strategies and targeting sales and marketing programs more effectively. Your company budgets are being conserved and applied more efficiently there by to ensure profits are consistently on the rise.

Placed in the context of today’s business environment and the dramatic advances that characterize this computer age, MASINFO is a tool that sales managers and marketers looking towards the 21st century, may no longer be able to do without.