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Maps of India on Internet

Maneesh Prasad
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Some of the interesting sites from where one can download free or for a price.

Maps of India.

Maps of India is truly the leading India digital maps store house. The range and options have been given keeping the wide range of viewer. It has maps on state, union territories, utilities, infrastructure, transport, tourism and professional colleges. Seeing the site one can only wish that this be available with Internet based dynamic mapping facilities or hope they incorporate this facility in dasy to come.

Intellectual Property Solutions

InProS (Intellectual Property Solutions) is a collection of designers, computer experts, researchers, linguists, orthographers, and legal experts. The inpros has links to India related maps hosted at different web sites. This includes the clickable maps of India and Karnataka, but unfortunately not all the links seems to be properly configured.

World Wide Fund

This map shows the Forest Protected Areas and Forest Stewardship Council Endorsed Sites The map shows the Tropical Forest and Protected Areas Containing Forests. The maps has Legend and Data window which is quite neatly done.

Kerala Organisation

The clickable district map of kerala lets you see a detailed roadmap, description and vital statistics of individual districts. Alternatly if the browser does not support map clicking one can select from the list of individual districts mentioned in the web page. The quality is by far better than most of the maps available on the Internet.

University of Oregon

Here you have a list of maps available on Asia Pacific. Of the interest is the map of India, Indochina, Kashmir and Sikkim.

University of Texas

A unique collection of links to maps on Kashmir and the International border areas. The map links given here also includes the tactical pilotage chart maps in the half million scale from “Portion of Dense Mapping Agency”. The other Kashmir map sites includes the maps on nuclear facilities of India and Pakistan.

The Map Guide

If you are looking for maps at international level you are in the place. The Map Guide has links to various map sites given in the categories of world maps and atlases as well as continents level. The site also gives links to many metadatabase on maps. Specifically in Asia it has links to Oregon University Asia Pacific Maps, CIA JPEG Maps and Science University of Tokyo Japanese Maps. Besides these it has weather maps, historical maps and maps of museums. Some of the maps mentioned here are for sale.

Maps World, UK

The maps on sale here are from various publishers like Lonely Planet, Periplus Editions, Geocenter International Ltd., Thomas Cook Travellers etc. It has maps on Delhi, Mumbai (Still spelt Bombay here), Zonal Maps of India, Himalaya Region, Railway Map, Trekking Maps of Himalaya, Karakoram and Hindukush region.

Aaron Anderson’s Online Catalogue, U.K.

Various maps of India and Indian Subcontinent are under sale here. The maps at national level are in the range of 1:2.5 Milion to 1:4Million and has a price tag of $11.95 to $14.95 where as the city maps are in the scale of 1:30,000 to 1:2,50,000 and has a price tag of less than $10. City maps are available or Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Calcutta Madras and Delhi.

Sun Site, Japan

Here one can find maps of India on Relief Maps, Administrative Maps, Political Maps and Ocean Area Maps. The city maps on New Delhi and Mumbai are available, but are not impressive.