MapInfo was founded first as a GPS company

MapInfo was founded first as a GPS company


A technology marketing expert, Kim Mena serves as MapInfo Corporation’s vice president of marketing and is responsible for the company’s corporate messaging and positioning. Kim Mena, Vice President Marketing, MapInfo Corp
Kim Mena
Vice President Marketing, MapInfo Corp

A technology marketing expert, Kim Mena serves as MapInfo Corporation’s vice president of marketing and is responsible for the company’s corporate messaging and positioning. Leading the corporate and Americas marketing teams, Mena directs the company’s overall marketing strategies. With 15 years of branding and communications experience, Mena previously served as principal with Wireless Insight, a technology marketing firm, director of marketing for Sprint PCS and in several research and planning positions with technology and advertising firms. A member of American Mensa and Women in New Technology, Mena is a board member with Students Run LA and Combustion Records.

  • Kindly tell us about history of MapInfo.

    MapInfo was founded in 1986 by four Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute students—Lazlo Bardos, Andrew Dressel , John Haller and Sean O’Sullivan—and their advisor—Michael Marvin. The company was first called Navigational Technologies Inc. and was initially intended as a company that integrated geographic software with wheel sensors and gyroscopes for in-car navigation. Realizing that at the time it was not feasible to begin such a venture due to hardware limitations, the group quickly took the power of visualization to the desktop, creating an entirely new market.

  • What are the primary areas of interest for MapInfo?

    MapInfo Corporation’s primary areas of interest are:

    CRM: Customer Relationship Management—MapInfo CRM solutions transform location into business advantage and enable businesses to find, serve and grow their customers by establishing meaningful, long-term relationships.

    LBS: Location Based Services—MapInfo is the power behind location-based services, also known as mobile location services. By leveraging more than 16 years experience in location-based technologies and solutions, MapInfo’s offerings include innovative, scalable applications, platform and technologies. With LBS, wireless service providers earn new revenues, improve productivity of a mobile workforce and provide consumers and organizations with mobility, safety and convenience.

    LBI: Location-Based Intelligence—With more than 16 years experience, MapInfo is the world leader in providing the software and data for location-based intelligence. Our expertise has evolved in LBI, spurring the growth of enterprisewide (operational) mapping and analysis. MapInfo continues to be used throughout the world by organizations to gain insights into their business and understand the relationship between their assets, resources, customers, citizens, prospects and competitors.

    Public Sector Applications: MapInfo uses location intelligence to protect people and assets. Public sector officials, police and fire departments and governments use MapInfo’s powerful yet flexible location intelligence technology for information sharing and collaboration, thus helping to achieve business continuity. With MapInfo, the public sector gains an informed perspective by visualizing, analyzing and disseminating information.

  • What has been the response of various market blocks?

    There has been support throughout the world for all these primary areas. But, specific technology may be used more in some places. For instance, Europe is more advanced in usage of location-based services, and Asia Pacific primarily uses public sector applications.

  • What steps Mapinfo is taking to encourage the growth of LBS services in US market?

    Location-based services represent an entirely new space and a completely new value proposition for MapInfo. MapInfo is working closely with key business partners to bring LBS applications and platforms to wireless service providers. In addition, MapInfo has implemented its MapInfo® miAware™ Developer Services program to assist application developers and LBS content providers open new revenue opportunities for business and consumer applications. As a partner in the program, participants can take advantage of MapInfo miAware’s proven, robust development platform to quickly create commercially viable mobile applications and content for sale to wireless carriers and enterprise customers.

  • Could we have some examples from the CRM and LBS implementation by MapInfo in US and Europe market

    As MapInfo has been providing location intelligence for 16+ years, we have more than 600,000 customers around the world. These customers use MapInfo in many diverse and fantastic ways—in many different markets and many different industries. Our recent reorganization in April is allowing us to align our resources with growth opportunities, including LBS and CRM. We now have dedicated business units to focus on the unique needs of our distinctive customer group. Some highlights in these areas include:

    • Siemens Information and Communication Mobile Group integrating MapInfo LBS technology into its Location Enabling Server for implementation into Vodafone’s mobile networks globally. MapInfo is providing the geo-information functionality, mapping, routing and geocoding for the creation of unique location-based applications;
    • Vodafone D2 in Germany is using MapInfo in its underlying technology platform for its location-based D2 NightGuide Premium WAP Service. MapInfo is providing the navigation and routing functions for NightGuide, which covers approximately 1,600 German cities and enable users to plan an evening out; and,
    • MapInfo is partnering with Siebel Systems, Inc., to provide location-enhanced CRM solutions to a global equipment auctioneer based in Canada.
  • What has been the revenue from LBS and CRM for MapInfo. How does MapInfo see data sales for revenue generation?

    Given our recent reorganization to focus on special business units, including CRM and LBS, revenue figures are not available at this time.

    MapInfo’s data sales have steadily increased over the years and now account for 41 percent of our business. We offer a diverse array of data throughout the world. Our combination of software and data provides us with a distinct competitive advantage.

  • Will Mobile Mapping and Vehicle navigation will be of interest to MapInfo in the days to come?

    Mobile mapping and GPS or vehicle navigation has always been of interest to MapInfo, as MapInfo was founded first as a GPS company. When our founders realized that the hardware was years away, they refocused on desktop mapping.