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Map Malaysia 2006

The 1st Annual Conference on Geographical Information Technology and Applications with the theme ‘Geospatial Information & Knowledge Economy’ was held at the Palace of the Golden Horses hotel located in The Mines Resort City at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from May 3 to 4. Organized by GIS Development Sdn. Bhd and Malaysian Centre for Geospatial Data Infrastructure (MaCGDI), the conference was attended by more than 300 delegates from all over Malaysia, including 180 regular delegates, 35 authors and 50 exhibitors. The exhibition at the event provided opportunity to technology developers and users to showcase their capabilities and build relationships with likeminded organizations and also explore market opportunities. Multiple organizations participated in the event as –

Gold Sponsor – AAMHatch, HP, E-Spatial Resources and SGIS

Silver Sponsor – Cilix Corp., and Canon

Co-sponsor – ATSB

Government Sponsors – JUPEM, MACRES

Knowledge Partners – UTM, CSDMS and UPM.

Conference had four keynote sessions and six technical sessions.

Keynote Sessions
There were four keynote sessions in total which included:

Geospatial-Information (GI) Infrastructure and Knowledge Economy
It discussed measures being taken for building knowledge-based workforce that re-engineers processes incorporating value-addition at every stage as a result of knowledge gained.

e-Government: Setting Trends
To what extent geo-spatial technology is employed in above, was the subject of deliberation in the session.

GIS-based Infrastructure
The session talked about success stories made via usage of GIS, GPS, Remote Sensing and other allied technologies and also the way ahead for such endeavors.

Large Scale Mapping
The session aimed to bring forth the latest of the photogrammetry techniques being used in generating DEMs and maps. It explored the future prospects of high-resolution and high-precision cartographic information applied to areas of road and railways construction, telecom and transmission lines monitoring, slope analysis for flood risk analysis, etc.


Best Exhibitor Award
The best exhibitor awards given during the conference went to- ATSB, Hewlett Packard and AAM Hatch.

Best Paper Awards
These were given to Norhan Mat Yasoof for his paper ‘Imagery spatial resolution variation in distribution and unit area mapping accuracy’, to Muhammad Zulkarnain Abd Rahman for the paper ‘DSM construction and flood hazard simulation for development plans in Naga city’ and to Noordin Ahmed for his paper titled ‘Five major non-starters in GIS implementation’.

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