Map India 2004: A report

Map India 2004: A report


Map India 2004 was the largest and the 7th Annual International Conference and Exhibition in India, in the field of geographic information technologies like GIS, GPS, Aerial Photography and Remote Sensing. Responding to the needs of the industry, the research community and every individual’s right to geospatial information, Map India 2004 provided an apt platform for the convergence, sharing and use of technologies and experiences. The three-day event, held on 28 – 30 January 2004 at Taj Palace Hotel, Delhi, was jointly organized by the Centre for Spatial Database Management and Solutions (CSDMS), GIS Development and Survey of India (SoI), Government of India.

The Theme
In comprehension of the emerging truth that Democracy in contemporary times need to acknowledge the concept of Information Democracy, Map India 2004 had a vital and bold theme of ‘Geospatial Democracy’.

1252 delegates attended the 3 day conference and were witness to some very important deliberations and discourses on the theme and the many other seminars and technical sessions, each designed and conducted by domain specialists and experts. Out of the total delegates, 1126 were from India and 126 from overseas. Delegates represented 46 countries of the world. In all, 228 authors and co-authors were among the participants. A total of 151 papers were presented on the floor, during the conference. 36 exhibitors displayed their products and services. 533 organizations visited and participated in the conference.

The total delegates had a break up of 401 from government organizations, 699 from private firms and 152 from academic institutions. Map India 2004 also had the opportunity to have a large Canadian delegation with large government and industry representation that reinstated the emerging Indo-Canadian strong ties in the domain of geospatial sciences and services. The conference witnessed the august presence and address of HE Lucie Edwards, the High Commissioner of Canada and the honourable Canadian Minister of State for New and Emerging Market, Mr Gar Knutson. As a token support, the Canadian High Commission, along with thorough participation and addresses, hosted a welcome reception for the Map India 2004 delegates.

The inauguration started with a packed crowd of over 700 people. The occasion was presided over by Dr M P Narayanan, President of CSDMS, Dr Prithvish Nag, Surveyor General of India, Mr Kiran Karnik, President, NASSCOM and Mr Ravi Gupta, Director, CSDMS.

The surprise of the session was a small film that opened the occasion. The film was a depiction of the ‘mapping the neighbourhood project’ of the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India underway in India where children are mapping and addressing local issues and developing on their own database for decision-making.