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Map India 2002

Asia’s Largest Conference and Exhibition on Geographic Information Systems, Global Positioning Systems, Aerial Photography and Remote Sensing 6-8 February 2002, Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi

The 5th Annual International Conference Map India 2002, Asia’s largest Conference and Exhibition on GIS, GPS and Remote Sensing was organised by Centre for Spatial Database Management and Solutions (CSDMS)at Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi during February 6-8 2002. The theme of the conference was ‘Maponomics’ and ‘Power on Demand by 2012’. The conference was sponsored by Ministry of Power and Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. The industry sponsor of the conference was Autodesk, HP, Tata Infotech and Leica Geosystems. It was also supported by host of organisations viz. Anna University, Survey of India, Census of India, Department of Space, Geological Survey of India, National Hydrographic Office, Ministry of Rural Development, National Remote Sensing Agency, Indian Institute of Remote Sensing, Ministry of Information Technology, National Atlas and Thematic Mapping Organisation, Geospatial Information Technology Association and Asian Association on Remote Sensing. The highlights of the conference were around 1000 delegates, over 100 presentations and around 40 exhibitors from industry and government.

Inaugural Session
Dr M P Narayanan, President, CSDMS, while delivering welcome address recollected the events of last year such as Bhuj earthquake, WTC attack, Afghanistan war, launch of Test Experimental Satellite, etc. He emphasised that there is a need to ensure that these technology facilitates more and more development.

Mr Suresh Prabhu, Union Minister of Power, while delivering the presidential address, congratulated CSDMS for spreading the culture of using GIS and related technology in day to day activities of development. He said that power ministry will incorporate this technology in every sector of power viz, generation, transmission and distribution. He also released a document on “Role of GIS, GPS and Remote Sensing in Power Sector” at the conference. Mrs Sheila Dikshit, Chief Minister of Delhi, in her inaugural address, expressed the need to use the benefits of mapping in various utilities such as power, communication, water etc. Also, she told the gathering about Delhi’s government plan to use GPS in the buses of Delhi. She released the proceedings of Map India 2002 at the conference.

The keynote address was given by Professor V S Ramamurthy, Secretary, Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. He stressed upon the need to address several issues such as availability of maps to users without compromising the security concerns, quality of maps, development of metadata standards, etc. He also told that maps are being developed which would be freely available to the users. He discussed about National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI) initiative where data generating agencies will make their data available to NSDI. Mr R P Singh, Chairman cum Managing Director, POWERGRID Corporation of India Ltd. in his guest address observed that GIS can play a major role in power sector especially in finding the routes of transmission lines, analysing the data related to forest, terrain, topography, soil, geology, etc.

Technical Sessions
There were keynote sessions on Maponomics, High Resolution Imaging and Mobile Mapping and Virtual GIS and over 25 technical sessions in the conference on topics ranging from technology trends, photogrammetry to various application sector of GIS such as utility, transport, coastal management, mineral resources, business geographics, urban development, rural development, environmental planning, nature conservation, health, water, agriculture, education, disaster management, etc. There were sessions on the impact of recession on Indian GIS industry. There was a technical session and a panel discussion on NSDI. One of the halls was devoted for the whole day on power sector where session took place on power distribution, transmission and generation. Over hundred papers were presented during these session.

The keynote session on Maponomics which was chaired by Mr. Amitabha Pande, Joint Secretary, Department of Science and Technology had very interesting presentations by Professor Shunji Murai who analysed the business scenario and opportunities in Asia vis a vis Japan, Dr P Nag, Surveyor General of India who explored the market potential of map products and Dr. Sjaak Beerens, Director External Affairs, International Institute of Geo-information Science and Earth Observation. In the session, an interesting presentation was made by Ms Preetha Pulusani, President, Intergraph Mapping and GIS highlighting the history of mapping, cost and quality of maps and future trends.

The keynote session on Mobile Mapping was chaired by Mr David DiSera, President, GITA had presentations by George Moon, CTO, MapInfo, Mr Kent D Lee, President and CEO of East View Cartographic and Ms Eve Clieman, President Product Manager, Oracle Corporation. The keynote session on GIS in ICT era was chaired by Mr N Vittal, Central Vigilance Commissioner, Government of India. The presentation were made by Prof Alex (Sandy) Pentland, Founding Director, Media Lab Asia, MIT, USA; Dr N Vijayaditya, Diretor General, National Informatics Centre and Prof Brian Rosborough, Sr Fellow with Media Lab Asia. The session explored if the role of ICT can be extended to the benefit of rural masses. The keynote session on High Resolution Imaging was chaired by Prof Shunji Murai and there were presentation by Richard McKay, Vice President, Sales, Leica Geosystems, Col Michael Gavish, Director (Remote Sensing Application) ImageSat International and Dr K Kalyan Raman, Diector General, DAA, NRSA, Hyderabad.

The sessions on Impact of Recession on Indian GIS industry had several presentations from Rajesh Mathur, President, ESRI India, Chandrashekhar Nori, Director, Speck Systems Ltd, Rakesh Verma, CEO, Computer Eyes InfoSystems, Ajay Lavakare, CEO, Risk Management Software India Pvt. Ltd. and K C M Kumar, Managing Director Speck Systems. The general view which was emerging is that the impact of recession is yet to be assessed and felt. In power sector, three sessions were there on Power Distribution, chaired by Mr V V R K Rao, Chairman, Central Electricity Authority, Power Transmission chaired by Mr Bhanu Bhushan, Director (operations) PowerGrid Corporation of India and Hydro Power chaired by Mr M K Yadav, Managing Director, Assam Electronics Development Corporation Ltd.

The conference organised at Map India was well attended and appreciated. Companies who have put up their stalls manage to get good businesses. Following is the list of exhibitors:

  • Autodesk India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Consultants India
  • De beers Australia Exploration
  • Digital Electronics Ltd.
  • DVP Geomatics Pvt. Ltd.
  • Earth Resource Mapping
  • East View Cartographic, Inc
  • Eicher Good Earth
  • ESRI India
  • Fugro-Inpark BV abd Vansteelandt/Paradigm
  • Genesys International Corporation Ltd.
  • Geological Survey of India
  • GITA
  • Government of Delhi
  • Hewlett Packard India
  • Infotech Enterprises GE Power Systems
  • Kampsax India Pvt. Ltd.
  • Keith Electronics Pvt. Ltd.
  • Kilburn Spacecom Ltd.
  • Leica Geosystems
  • Macro-Sure Devices Pvt. Ltd.
  • National Informatics Centre
  • National Remote Sensing Agency
  • Office of Registrar General of India
  • Optech Inc
  • PCI Geomatics
  • Riding Consultancy Engineers (I) Pvt Ltd.
  • RMSI
  • Rolta India ltd.
  • Sierra Optima Ltd.
  • Survey of India
  • Speck Systems Ltd.
  • Tata Infotech Ltd.
  • UNIGIS International
  • Vadoth Spatial Systems (P) Ltd.
  • WTI Advanced Technology Ltd.

Veledictroy Session
The valedictory session was graced by the presence of Dr K Venkatasubramanian, Member Planning Commission, Government of India who lamented the present status of Geography in schools of India. He emphasised the importance of maps in development. Mr J K Banthia, Registrar General and Census Commissioner of India elaborated about the initiatives taken in the field of cartography and GIS in census department.

GITA India
A meeting of GITA India was organised during Map India 2002. Around 25 represenatives from various sectors of the Indian GIS community attended the meeting. Dr M P Narayanan was nominated as President and Dr I V Muralikrishna as General Secretary of GITA India. Dr Narayanan is also President of the Center for Spatial Data Management Solutions (CSDMS) and Dr I V Muralikrishna is Professor and Head of the Centre for Spatial Information Technology, JNT University. Also participating actively in the formation of this GITA International Affiliate are: Ravi Gupta and Sanjay Kumar, both of CSDMS. A full program of professional development activities is already scheduled for 2002. It is planned to have a GITA track in Map India 2003.

Alex (Sandy) Pentland,Founding Director, Media Lab Asia, MIT, USA

Brian Rosborough, Sr. Fellow with Media Lab Asia

George Moon, CTO, Mapinfo

Kent D. Lee, President and CEO of East View Cartographic, Inc.

Col. Michaeel Gavish, Director (Remote Sensing Application) ImageSat International

Dr. N. Vijayaditya, Director General, National Informatics Centre (NIC)

Dr. P. Nag, Surveyor General of India

Preetha Pulusani, President, Intergraph Mapping and GIS

Richard Mckay, Vice President, Sales, Leica Geosystems

Shunji Murai, Prof. Emeritus, University of Tokyo

Sjaak Beerens, Director External Affa