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Managing Q-Tel access network using GIS

Omar Bob
Head of GIS
Qatar Telecom (Qtel), Doha, State of qatar
[email protected]

Krishna Kumar GIS Analyst Sr.
Qatar Telecom (qtel), doha, State of qatar
[email protected]
Q-Tel had recognized the potential benefits of GIS technology since early 1991. This paper presents a case study of the implementation and management of Q-Tel access network using GIS system, some of the problems and issues in the present manual system of operation and management are described. Further, the use of GIS as an efficient and powerful decision-making tool on solving them is also explained

Geographic Information System (GIS) which, is defined as means of collection of hardware and software systems to display, update, query and analyze spatial data base is having a great influence in the growth of telecommunication industry. Facilities Management, Automated Map (FM/AM) defines a GIS dedicated branch to solve utility industry issues. Q-Tel has recognized the potential benefits of GIS as early as 1991, and has been working along with other agency in Qatar to form a GIS community. GIS section was formed in Q-Tel under Network Planning with immediate goal of automating and managing Q-Tel access network, and future objective of expansion to manage and provide decision-making support for the entire Q-Tel.

Managing Q-Tel Network Manually
Managing telecom network (Figure 1) manually is a very cumbersome and difficult job. Now a days all the information are needed on fingertips, without which Customer service satisfaction is next to impossible. In Q-Tel we have various variety of manual records in different forms. Each one of them is having very valuable information to be accessed very frequently, and therefore it’s quite difficult to manage it.

Q-Tel has approx. 30,000 records, which are being used on daily bases to retrieve information. Most of them are pertaining to External Plant network. The staff accessing this information is spread around. On many occasions photocopies are taken to use this information on remote offices of Q-tel, those copies were being used for many months without an updation. One can imagine how difficult it is to obtain a piece of updated information in this manual system.

Another aspect of the manual record is its maintenance, as the records are used daily. Frequently it is misplaced or even succumbs due to wear and tear, which is very vital for Q-tel.

Phase 1 data conversion

Phase 2 software development

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