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Low cost high volume photogrammetric production at Kampsax India Private Limited

Alok Upadhyaya, VK Mahindru
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Kampsax is one of the biggest mapping companies in Europe and has been working with the maps for almost half a century. Kampsax India Private Limited (KIL) started its operations in 1997, is today responsible for carrying out about 90% of worldwide production of Kampsax and has emerged as one of the biggest Photogrammetric production centres in this part of the world. KIL has been using photogrammetric methods for the production of large-scale digital maps for almost whole of Europe and Latin America. At KIL, we have a nice blend of photogrammetric instruments, which include old Analogue (converted for digital output), analytical and fully digital photogrammetric workstations with variety of software. From 9 Analogue/Analytical Instruments in 1998, today there are a total of 34 photogrammetric workstations including 12 Leica Helava and 13 Photomod workstations, working round the clock throughout the year. More than 150 highly skilled photogrammetric professionals are working in 3 shifts.

The 3-Dimensional photogrammetric methods are used for updation and new mapping as per the specifications of the clients. Every year a large number of Danish municipalities are mapped or updated as per the specifications for Danish Technical maps- TK99. The products generated include digital aerial triangulation and adjustment, 3D digital mapping and map revision, creation of Digital Terrain Model and preparation of Ortho Photos.

The projects completed include one of the world’s biggest mapping project for Argentina Telephone company, mapping for a number of towns of Ireland, Banestyrelsen project for the railways of Denmark, mapping for Danish Road Directorate and municipalities of Denmark for updation and new mapping. Current projects include mapping for Ordnance Survey of Ireland (OSi)-3 year project, Mapping for Elsalvador-2 year project. Kampsax has made another giant leap and bagged a 5-year mapping project for Ordnance Survey of Great Britain (OSGb).

Photogrammetry is keeping pace with time and production processes must also change to increase in efficiency and reduction in cost. While the production capacity is increasing both in terms of new instruments and skilled manpower for the precision 3D mapping, the quest for low cost and high volume production keeping international quality standards has increased more than ever before. New software and technologies will have to be explored.

The software development team contributes to investigate new data sources and methods of data capture. The Aerial Triangulation is carried out on Leica Helava system and the results are now used for orientation of models on Photomod Stereo draw. A major break through was achieved when the link was established for using the results Aerial Triangulation carried out on LH systems on PhotoMod workstations.

In KIL, a lot of emphasis is laid on the employees level of knowledge, definition of quality level through inspections at various stages of the project and in association with software development team to assist employees in assessing map quality and correcting errors. Systems are developed to make coherent evaluation of the map quality with respect to completeness, accuracy and other related aspects. In KIL we constantly endeavor to work for quality improvements. We believe that systematic quality control is advantageous to us as well as to our clients.