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‘Location’ is the next ‘Search’ – Dipanshu Sharma, xAd

Location is next Search says Dipanshu Sharma, CEO of xAd Inc.The first global location marketplace, xAd specialises in serving media specific to a mobile user’s location. In a tete-e-tete with Geospatial World, Dipanshu Sharma, Founder & CEO, xAd says location is one of the biggest drivers of intent and xAd is next only to Google and Facebook in location-based advertising.

Dipanshu discusses on:

The idea behind the company xAd?

About xAd’s ‘location verification technology’ and how customers like Macy’s and KFC beenfit from this.

Apart from location, what other parameters are taken in to consideration to study the behaviour of a mobile user.

What about the privacy concerns in location based ads?

In-store shoppers moving to online shopping. How is xAd making this experience relevant for such users?

Location has the potential to be the next multi-billion dollar business. How can that happen?

How is xAd creating a place of its own and also giving competition to the big players like Google and Facebook?

‘Search’ is Google’s USP and ‘location’ is yours. How are these complementing aspects and the scope of working together.

xAd raising $50 million from the market. What are the business plans?