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Location Data is Critical for Big Data Analytics – Richard Blain, Earth-i

Richard Blain, FOUNDER & CEO, EARTH-I

On the basis that everything happens somewhere, location data is fast becoming a critical variable in Big Data analytics, and the move to data-driven decision making, in both industries and governments worldwide. The geospatial industry has, therefore, a crucial role to play in providing accurate, timely and reliable streams of location or spatial data to underpin those data-driven decision-making processes and strategies. In addition, the challenge is to ensure that such data is easily integrated with many other types of data, and the geospatial industry is itself a leader in the application of machine learning and AI techniques required to make big data analytics meaningful.

Integration in the future

The future is about integration of a wide range of data sets and types to answer a complex problem or drive new insights into industries, supply chains and environments. The application of new and powerful geospatial technologies, such as very high spatial and temporal resolution sensors, from space, provides the critical location-based data that give data analytics and insights the context of time and space. Without that context many data analytics outcomes lack actionability. The application of data science, using machine learning and artificial intelligence, drives deep analytics and reveals insights that enable decision-makers in these sectors to make better decisions and policies.

The industry must both lead on the development of new geospatial technologies and solutions, and adapt quickly to the demands of integration with a myriad of other data sets and wider data science technologies. Earth-i intends to be at the forefront of both.
Earth-i is pioneering the integration of very high-resolution satellite imagery and video to a range of applications in data analytics and insights. We are developing and deploying analytical capabilities that integrate other datasets and technologies with satellite imagery and video in fields as diverse as copper mining, coffee farming in Africa, maritime monitoring and defense and security.