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Leveraging Selangor’s Land Use Planning Through Optimization of its Web Enabled Spatial Information System – SISMAPS

Authors : Mohd Zaki Ibrahim, Shahidi Yusop, Mohd Zainuddin Jumaat, Zainal Abidin Abd Wahid, Umi Kalsom Ismail Selangor Town and Country Planning Department, Malaysia

Identified in the Malaysian National Physical Plan as the main growth engine of the Nation’s economy, Selangor is among the fastest growing states in Malaysia.

However, the land use planning and coordination has remained a substantial challenge to the responsible authority.

Selangor Town and Country Planning Department (TCPDS) has a long vision to monitor and coordinate existing planning and development activities digitally. Sistem Maklumat Perancangan Negeri Selangor (SISMAPS) is a system that were implemented to create the awareness regarding the importance of delivering system improvement through ICT and on the other hand, to enhance the present system of planning and development.

Sistem Maklumat Perancangan Negeri Selangor (SISMAPS)

TCPDS took the initiative to fully exploited the GIS data from Local Plans (LP) as a value- added to the current functions and roles of the 12 Local Authorities (LA). The project aims to emphasise the monitoring efforts on the implementation of land use activities.

The web-based system would allow TCPDS to be more accurate in the process of supervision in the applications and conformation of proposed land use and to build a comprehensive land use database for the state of Selangor.

In addition, this system also responsible for coordinating access and delivery of geographic information held by all government agencies in Selangor.


SISMAPS developed and designed by using GIS as the basis for planning information comparison and as a support system for the planning of land use activities at both LA and state level.

The ArcGIS server, on the other hand, stands as the one-stop-centre to the website and enterprise platform preparation, in order to optimizing the effectiveness of services to both departmental and Local authorities user.>

The development of SISMAPS emphasised on the convenience, reliability, ready –to-use approach. With the newest technology development, smart GIS-based applications can be supported by simple computers and others smart mobile applications. Mapping, analysing and data management activities are also supported through the use of Web Browser, Runtime programs and customised software.

SISMAPS enable to change the whole process of reinforcement and development of Selangor as it would allow for faster and accurate work process.

This system can be expanded in the form of Wide Enterprise Application through the use of the internet as the medium for planning communication, towards a more efficient data sharing amongst the agencies in Selangor.

This system compliment the state government’s vision of developing an electronic government (E-Governance) and the vision in engineering the State of Selangor’s Planning and Development Direction 2025.


Nevertheless, the success of the implementation does not entirely depend on the GIS tool. Human resource, cost and time support is the key factors need to be emphasised. The implementation strategy is a crucial factor which has to be highlighted to ensure the success of SISMAPS and the accomplishment of the success of its implementation.