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Letters to the editor

  • Positive changes
    I have gone through the March issue of [email protected] and have much pleasure in putting on record the sea changes in its contents and appearance. It is also heartening to observe that you have implemented a few of my previous suggestions.

    [email protected]

  • How relevant is this article?
    I have read through the March issue of the magazine. I have failed to understand the relevance of the article on some basics of remote sensing written by Dr Siva Kumar of your institute. I am sure that everybody is aware of these elementary ideas and concept and now image processing software like ERDAS Imagine, ENVI, PCI, etc. is in their 8th or 9th version. If the article is aimed at students, pointer to websites likes CCRS, ARSA, ISPRS, JRS, etc. or review of basic Remote Sensing tutorials available in other sites, would have been more useful in terms of resources.

    Anil Desai
    Narmada Valley Development Authority
    anil[email protected]

  • I have received your March issue. Interestingly I found an article on image interpretation of remote sensing data! Where is your magazine heading at? I remember that these things have been taught in my course work at IIRS.

    T P Singh
    Remote Sensing and Communication Centre, Gandhinagar.
    [email protected]

  • This is a wonderful site!! I guess I will be visiting it frequently … not only to go through the various tutorials, but also to read the various articles on applications of GIS, especially in the Power and Energy Business.

    Ranjeet Vaishnav
    [email protected]

  • Thank you for getting the world of GIS together. I am looking for a particular qualification in your resume search. However, I have difficulty in searching because there are so many resumes and I am interested in a Ph.D. holder and not the rest. My suggestion; why cannot we (users) have the option of searching the resume by degree such BS, MS, or Ph.D.

    [email protected]