Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

  • Maponomics: Map products and their commercialisation
    I read Dr P Nag’s paper, “Maponomics: Map products and their commercialisation” [in Feb.’02 issue of [email protected]] with extreme interest. My heartfelt congratulations. However, I would like to submit below some of my observations.

    The recently taken initiatives of Government of India (Department of Science and Technology) regarding commercialisation possibilities are in the right direction and in keeping with the visionary ideas of India’s pioneers like Dr S P Chatterjee (founder Director of National Atlas Organisation [currently NATMO]) and Mr Jawarharlal Nehru (the first Prime Minister, who established the National Atlas Organisation). However, I wished, Survey of India (SoI) would start acting sooner in the spirit of an independent nation, away from the erstwhile British colonial policies. Dr Nag’s paper surely indicates his personal wishes and willingness in this direction and to profit from the modern technologies. This is commendable.

    In the USA, NASA and Geological Survey have already started commercialisation in their Space related and Topographic programmes. This trend is also seen in France, Germany, Switzerland and several other countries along with the cases cited (USA, UK and Canada) in the paper.

    Concerning the land coverage in mapping, about 50 per cent of India has been done in scale 1: 25,000. This is a great need in the currently developing world.  My own studies, jointly with my colleague Dr A J Brandenberger, on behalf of the United Nations [see UN Publication, ISBN 92-1-100432-2, World Cartography   vol. XX,  1990] would show that, as of 1988, USSR (Russia along with the associated republics) was the only country fully mapped is scales 1:25,000 and larger. North America (USA, Canada and Mexico) was covered only 37 per cent in that category (scale  1:25,000 and larger), while Europe was around 83 per cent covered. We need to do more. In topographic mapping, the other consideration is that of updating. I wish, we had an official policy in this regard. Germany and Switzerland are two outstanding ones in this respect. They have a policy of updating every five years.

    The National Mapping Agencies (NMAs) must widen their “windows” for taking up projects, services, consultancies, etc.  Private industries, universities and technical institutes do need encouragement and support.  I am all for advancing our field to help the nation and the world.  Mapping is the first step in any public development plan progress.  Public knowledge and education in mapping must also go hand-in-hand.  Technical and Scientific Societies need to do more in this regard. 

    Sanjib K Ghosh
    Professor (emeritus), Ohio State and Laval Universities 
    [email protected]

  • IT industry and its trends
    I congratulate [email protected] for highlighting on IT industry and its trends. I suggest you to highlight the plight of thousands of people who are rendered job-less over night due to business downturn. But, the problem is, when people do not get salaries for months due to the unimaginative business approach and lack of focus in the management for business whereby innocent people are the casualties. Losing job is one thing and losing it without salary for 6-7 months and on top of it no guarantee of getting the same are putting the lives of thousands of families in shambles. This is a very disturbing trend which may jeopardise the social fabric and create more problems in the society and the country as a whole. I request, the industry observers/experts and social scientists to analyse this unhealthy trend in business and focus on the sad plight of several innocent people.

    S Rangasamy 
    [email protected]

  • I am impressed by your website. Everything is up-to-date and finding information on it is extremely easy. I and my friends in Ireland appreciate your efforts. I finally remain by saying a word-perfection is an art and you have that.

    Suresh Kumar 
    [email protected] 

  • Congratulations. The site is excellently managed. It is very fast. I would suggest a provision for looking at index of all [email protected] issues in one go, or may be successively by next/previous icon.

    Dr Aruna Srivastava
    Deputy Director , Malaria Research Centre, Delhi 
    [email protected]

    — Good suggestion. Will be implemented.

  • Lots of links in India Policy/Application/Technology section are not available. Losing interest in your site.

    Chandrahas Chaudhari
    Business Development Manager
    ADCC R&C Centre Ltd. Nagpur 
    [email protected]

    — Links have already been updated.

  • No information about the persons working with you. How one can find any of your employee in case of urgency?

    Pankaj Jain
    [email protected]

    — For employees details, visit