Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor


  • Kindly refer to your July-August’99 issue of [email protected] Personally, I am in full agreement with the conclusions and recommendations presented by S.M.Mathur [Restrictions on Survey of India Maps], M.N. Kulkarni [Availability and Accessibility of Geodetic Data in India], Rahul Matthan [The Right to Information Regarding Geographical Data], Bal Krishna [Spatial Data … Scenario] and A.R. Das Gupta [Spatial Data … Development]. Your own contribution [Ravi Gupta: Is there a way out] clearly analyses the inherent frustration.

    If all or most of the recommendations are handled properly, the problems cited in Pallava Bagla [Freedom of Information: Indian Scientists … Grip of Data], Tapas Ghatak [Problems and Prospects … Development] and Bal Krishna [The Correct Course of Maps] as well as other participants would be resolved, I believe.

    Recently, the US Department of Education has released a draft version entitled “Classification of Instructional Programs 2000” — a major update of its basic document on educational programs in the US. Among the many changes, there is one “Surveying Engineering” (Clause 14.36) as a separate classification in Engineering. This was the outcome of the arguments offered jointly by the ACSM, ASPRS and ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology). Something like this is badly needed in India. The IITs and the Universities should be appraised of in this regard.

    Sanjib Ghosh
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Fax: 614-870-8538
    6344 Thorncrest Dr., Galloway,
    Ohio – 43119, USA.

  • The papers in the July August’ 99 issue cover practically all aspects of GIS and I am confident that it will become a reference source-book for a long time to come. In any scientific journal one generally reads through only a selected few papers of one’s interest, but I went through this number from cover to cover without skipping anything (including the ads!) as well as all the articles and other material in it were so very interesting and thought provoking.

    I do hope that the authorities concerned will wake up to the problems highlighted in several of the articles and try to remove the hardships faced by the GIS community.

    Please accept my congratulations for an excellent publication. I am sure that under your editorship the journal will become a leading one in the subject.

    S. M. Mathur
    Geological Consultant
    B-15, Alokpuri, Ravindrapalli,
    Ph: 0522-341889

  • I am doing my thesis for the final semester of my M.E program in Anna University. I very much agree with your statement as I am facing lot of difficulties in data collection. Here, in Chennai, only a very few higher officials in different organisations are willing on ‘Information dissemination’. We are facing difficulties, even inside our university campus regarding Toposheets. Let us hope that the new govt. in the coming year will formulate a new policy regarding this.

    S. Yoagentharan
    Anna University
    Email: [email protected]

  • The July-August issue is an excellent issue, my congratulations to you and your team.

    Prof. Madhav N. Kulkarni
    Email: [email protected]

  • I thoroughly enjoyed reading the July-August issue. It is wonderful to note that a debate has finally been started on the issue of restricting maps….

    Dr. Harinri Nagendra
    Centre for Ecological Sciences,
    IISc, Banglore.
    Email: [email protected]

  • Your July-August’ 99 issue of [email protected] has certainly made a good impact in the department here and I am proud to say that it is our (Indian) product.

    C. B. Sunil
    Research (PhD) Student
    School of Geography, University of New South Wales
    2052, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.