Letters to the editor

Letters to the editor


    Need of Joint Ventures
  • Given below are my comments on Jan-Feb’99 issue of [email protected]:
    1. E-mail addresses of the authors of the main articles should also be published for wider interaction.
    2. Effort by Aparna Chandravanshi to compile information on key GIS projects in the field is commendable.
    3. Supplementary contribution from the local authorities of Calcutta and Bangalore would have been a welcome addition
    4. Mirzapur GIS applications bring forth the point that small and medium local authorities should specially founded for such innovation. Once they become big, complexity of the problem increases and efforts to increase and efforts to establish GIS based systems are required on much larger scale.
    5. Article on GPS basics is useful. However, what steps should be taken to popularize its use need to be discussed.
    6. Your point in the editorial about the need for joint ventures between universities / Research Institutions and local authorities for GIS projects is well taken. A program to that effect must be urgently drawn and implemented.

    Dr. V. N. Patkar,
    Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) Bandra- Kurla Complex,
    Bandra East, Mumbai- 400051

  • Details of GPS Companies

  • I am an avid follower of your magazine. It is a commendable effort on your part to interact with various organisations and user agencies and disseminate the information on GIS work in India to scattered and isolated receptacles of our kind. I belong to a govt. organisation, which is seriously pursuing GIS in the aid of mineral search since 1996.

    In the above context it has become quite necessary to procure some details on the availability of GPS in India since we intend to enhance our working speed without compromising on the quality of data. I would consider it a great help if you could kindly provide the necessary details such as Name of the companies, Indian agents/addresses, Performance level and vital statistics of instruments (if available), Probable cost, etc.

    Mr. D.J.Das Gupta,
    4A, Indira Nagar,Jaipur 3012018. Tel: 0141-549062

    Editor: We invite the companies/organisations having above information to share with our readers.

  • Kudos to [email protected]
  • The magazine is highly informative and I would like to extend my sincere admiration to the efforts behind it.

    Raju Gopinath, Research Scholar,
    Dept. of Geography, Mysore University,
    Mysore- 5700064.

  • I liked your magazine very much and would like to write articles for it, for which I shall communicate later. Also, I am encouraging others to take the membership and know about the technology.

    Dr. (Miss) Sandhya L. Umak Lecturer,
    Dept. of Geology, Shri Shivaji Sc. College,
    Amravati, 88, Ganeriwal Layout, Camp, Amravati (Maharashtra)-444602 Tel: 660855 (College), 662884 (Resi.)

  • It is heartening to learn that you are bringing out one first-of-its kind journal in GIS.

    Dr. B. K. Panigrahi, Consulting Geologist,
    Civil engineering Dept., Kakatiya Institute of Technology & Science, Warangal- 506015 (A. P.) Tel: (08712)-77888 (O), 68259 (R)

  • I have gone through the Jan-Feb 1999 issue of [email protected] I found the periodical very informative about the utilization of GIS platform in the India context. I look forward to go through the further issues.

    Mr. N. Venkateswar Rao, Director,
    Geological Survey of India Training Institute,
    Hyderabad Tel: (040) 40209 49-57 Extn. 3020 Fax: (91) 040-4022680

  • Success of [email protected] is amazing. I feel proud of my friends when I speak about this magazine.

    Dr. Sirish A. Ravan, Resource Scientist
    Maharashtra Remote Sensing Applications Centre,
    Vishvasheraiya Regional College of Engineering Campus,
    Nagpur – 440011 Tel: 0712-220086/238576

  • I read [email protected] with great interest. Indeed, the effort of CSDMS is praiseworthy. Now its time for CSDMS to expand their activities to the neighboring SAARC countries in the fields of GIS/ GPS/ Remote Sensing apart from the news from India. Congratulations for organising GIS South Asia Forum in Kathmandu.

    Debashish Patnaik
    World Geoscience Data Service India # 97, Surya Nagar,
    Bhubaneshwar-751 003,Orissa E-mail: [email protected]

  • I came across this term GIS & its vast areas of application/uses just 2 months back and was so convinced by its ‘potential’ as an important tool in planning, monitoring, tracking etc., that it literally fuelled up my intention to go for a Career in GIS. Since then I’ve been trying to collect information from different sources viz. Libraries, Internet regarding the Training Courses, Institutes, Course contents, Fee structure, timings & potential employers (GIS application developers, solution providers etc.).

    Thanks to the very low GIS awareness level at Computer Training industry in Ahmedabad, I could never find a GIS magazine/journal of Indian origin, content & perspective, until I came across your Jan-Feb’99 issue trough a friend of mine recently. I must appreciate the initiative taken by you. I also surfed your website & found out details of many training courses & the GIS companies. I could access to more information in a single day, than what I’d got in last 2 months. The contents of journal would certainly be of an immense use to persons like me, and every other in GIS community/industry. I strongly feel that a “feature” on Careers/Career counseling/ in GIS should be added as soon as possible.

    Deven Vij
    Email: [email protected]

    Editor: “Keeping in view the great demand for career counselling, we are restarting the careers column and keeping up the training opportunities page.”