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Letters to the editor

  • GIS is the field I came to know through your complimentary copy. GIS really fascinated me and I started taking interest in GIS related Information: be it website, newspaper or friends. Now the situation is, I want to know more and more about GIS. Though my job (being field oriented) do not permit me to devote some extra time, still I find your magazine quite a lot informative. Recently when I came from a field job from Orissa. I found the Jan-Feb issue on my table. After seeing the subscription form I couldn’t stop myself from subscribing to the magazine. I think the magazine can be made a little more interesting as well as informative by adding some GIS education related material; like what is GIS, How it is used, related books, institutions dealing & providing the training, related other magazines. Magazines can also act as a common platform to solve the queries of readers from different backgrounds. Here the queries reaching you, can be sent to the renowned personalities in this field and their answers can be published. This will help in solving the common queries of many enthusiasts, other than the sender, and benefit them also.

    Tojo-Vikas International, Sarvodaya Enclave, New Delhi

  • I have gone through your [email protected] and found it very good. I would like to read more comprehensive papers on GIS applications. I would be glad if you kindly provide information regarding modern GIS software and its applications as well as agencies, which provides GIS training. Thanking you in anticipation.

    Sandeep Lama
    Geoscience Data Services, 97, Surya Nagar, Bhubaneshwar, Orissa 751 003

  • Thank you very much for a copy of your GIS publication. It is well put together, focussed and useful. We will subscribe to it.

    Lt. Col. J. Jacob, VSM
    General Staff Officer-1, Directorate General of Military intelligence (MI-17
    New Delhi 110 011