• Setting new horizons

    I have had an opportunity to read Mr. Rajaram’s comments in the latest [email protected] magazine (April 2001). I would like to give my view points in this aspect as I am (also) aware of the slow and steady growth of [email protected] since my days in Anna University. It’s very true that the growth of [email protected] is an excellent growth with constant pace. I recall the credit given by Mr.Manoj Misra, GM of RMSI, Hyderabad towards this magazine…as he told to me ‘I remember the beginning days of [email protected] as Ravi had approached us with a magazine of 4-5 pages.’ Mr. Arun can realise the sincere works of [email protected] team and their efforts of burning mid-night oil towards the achievement of [email protected] from 4-5 pages to the Asian GIS portal www.GISdevelopment.net.

    I conclude by saying that [email protected] can take the comments in positive approach for its further improvement. The very important thing in his comment is ‘spelling mistakes.’ It is true that the spelling mistakes are very legible in its past [email protected] issues. Hope proper care will be taken to eliminate this in its future editions. Further, I would like to suggest some of the things for the magazine improvement. I suggest that [email protected] can introduce ‘membership’ system for GIS related professionals and its subscribers. As the magazine is a highly reputed one in Asian region, the introduction of memberships will become a prestigious issue among all the stake holders. And I am sure that this will also give more popularity to the magazine. [email protected] can form an advisory board comprising interested and experienced GIS professionals all over India (and even outside India) and the discussions among the board members in regular interval for the interest of the magazine will give better look to the magazine’s contents, further. The magazine can focus a particular locality (inside India or outside India, depends on the availability of details and interests) and the potential of GIS developmental activities in that particular region. This will give better idea about where and how GIS is heading towards? As you have started with ‘GIS Cartoons’, why can’t [email protected] give some interesting short story-type articles focussing on GIS in hypothesis case, GIS history and other interesting day-to-day GIS happennings, etc. It will be interesting to read and give better perception about GIS, in general. The Magazine can show variation in GIS materials other than research oriented like GIS History, GIS latest-type materials. I hope it will draw more attention among students and working GIS professionals. [email protected] can carry column like “GIS Question and Answers”, both technical and in general. (The recent ‘Career Counselling’ is a good step towards this objective) The magazine can carry column like “GIS-test your knowledge.” It will be useful to student communities and other working GIS Professionals. The magazine can focus futuristic GIS issue like how GIS will be there after few decades. It will give ray of hope for non-GIS persons to choose this field and this may also promote GIS business in India. [email protected] can further re-shuffle the content of page and its look, every month. And one more thing in my mind is ‘Freelance GIS.’ The timely updation of GIS ideas from the interested sections in forms of articles, short news, amazing GIS facts, summaries, experiences will give more advantage to the [email protected] This not only benefits student communities but also the common GIS people, retired GIS people to actively involve in the magazine development. Finally, in this connection, it is my pleasure to get involved in the magazine developmental activities to my extent, if you are interested.

    S. Yogendran
    GIS Analyst, IIC Technologies, Hyderabad
    Email; [email protected]

  • Kudos from Bharat Ratna

    I am indeed delighted to see [email protected]’s issue “Earth Quakes Again: Will it wake us up?” I read the articles of this issue. Particularly, I liked the article “Lessons from Bhuj Earthquake.” It is remarkably well done with data, information and analysis. My greetings to the editorial team.

    Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam
    Principal Scientific Adviser to the Government of India
    Vigyan Bhavan Annexe
    Maulana Azad Road, New Delhi-110001

  • Map digitisation

    With reference to the article “Classified Map row in Gujarat” by Bal Krishna in December issue of [email protected] we would like to know the exact law for digitisation of Survey of India Maps. Is it only for topoheets or for any published map of Survey of India. The logic of not allowing digitisation of unrestricted toposheets is also not clear. If any body can buy it he can well digitise it for anti-national activity. But not allowing common people and business organisations like private GIS service providers will only restrict the developmental growth as they will digitise these for setting up of facilities for business houses or for development or environmental reason.

    Sujit Choudhury
    Email: [email protected]