• Internet GIS Software

    I read with interest the article in July 2000 issue of your magazine on available “Internet GIS Software” in the market. A quick glance at the product summary in the article could give the impression that the review is the most reliable compilation of all the available Internet GIS softwares in the market today which is not the actual case. It would be fair to point the following information to your readers.

    At PCI, we have laboured for years to build the sophisticated algorithms that enable users to fully exploit the Internet and Intranet applications of GIS. The product is known as ‘SPANS WEBSERVER’ which has the following benefits: (a) Virtually any application can be built, (b) Easy access through standard HTML-based browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape, (c) Maintenance of Web application is made simple through HTML (web site) and SPANS (GIS side), (d) Easy links between HTML and GIS functionality through a library of tools and web objects, (e) Interface completely customisable, (f) User can start from a set of sample applications and customise them to their own needs, (g) Utilise both Raster and Vector data through ‘Geogateway Technology’, a technology that is most robust as far as ‘Interoperability’ between different GIS software is concerned. I do hope that in future, while compiling such articles, you will be a bit extra careful.

    Bhaskar Mitra,
    Country Manager,
    PCI Geomatics, India.
    Email: [email protected]

  • Cover speaks volumes

    I have read your July 2000 issue on ‘GIS in Agriculture’. Your efforts in collecting and compiling the information are indeed praise-worthy . I wish you the very best in collection and disseminating the information to the needy people. You may like to contact Surveyor General of India who can take part with a lot of information regarding the terrain of our country. The picture on the cover of the July issue speaks volumes. But I am sure that the problem in this field would not deter you.

    Lt. Col. Pramod Sharma,
    Naval Head Quarters, New Delhi – 110 001.
    Tel: +91-11-301 6946 (Office) / 307 0452 (Res)

  • [email protected] at development

    Iam glad to inform you that [email protected] is reaching quite a good number of readers interested in geoinformatics. Articles, published in the magazine are generating a lot of interest as I received a lot of feedback on my article on Geological Disasters published in the May issue. It is certainly encouraging and I am sure many more authors will feel it rewarding to publish articles in your magazine.

    P. K. Champati Ray
    IIRS, 4, Kalidas Road, Dehra Dun – 248 001.
    Email: [email protected]